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Protective goggles
The main task of goggles is to protect the eyes and to preserve the vision of the personnel in production. Work in many industries – such as oil and gas, chemical, metalworking, pharmaceutical, is associated with increased eye hazard. To injure this vulnerable organ, sometimes too bright light is enough, not to mention metal shavings flying in the face, sawdust, acid splashes or small fragments.

To maximally protect the eyes from burns and injuries, goggles are used. Seals around the edges of the case ensure a tight seal so the goggles fit snugly against the skin and cover the eyes on all sides, not just the front. The durable screen material guarantees complete safety during work. But, of course, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of activities in each industry in order to choose the right eye protection means.
Goggles are required for the following types of eye hazards:
From contact with the eyes of chemicals (aerosols, gases, splashes of acids, solvents and other harmful liquids).

Mechanical hazards – dust, ash, sawdust, sand, solid and hot particles.

Radiation – ultraviolet, blinding light, infrared rays.

From high temperatures.
Safety goggles differ in type of ventilation
Ventilation is needed to drain off excess moisture so that the screen does not fog up. A special anti-fogging spray is applied to the screen material (or drops are sold with the product that prevent the screen from fogging up), but the type of ventilation plays an important role:

The housing of the direct ventilation goggles has small openings through which air is introduced. Air circulation is important not only for keeping the screen transparent, but also for dissipating excess heat so that the eye area does not overheat. Such eye protection can be used for mechanical processing, they perfectly protect against chips and other small particles, but will not protect against fine dust, gas or splashes of corrosive liquids.

In goggles of closed type with indirect ventilation, special devices are provided that allow only air to pass through, but provide protection against harmful liquids, smoke, gases and dust.

The viewing angle depends on the design of the model. If you need a wide viewing angle, you should choose models with panoramic glass. If you need protection from bright rays (for example, when welding), models with opaque lenses and various filters are suitable.
Benefits of goggles
Due to their light weight, the goggles do not interfere with the work, they can be worn for several hours without any discomfort.

Protective goggles with indirect ventilation are sealed, they tightly adhere to the skin, preventing even the smallest particles from entering the eyes.

The stylish design makes goggles not only a safety feature but also a stylish accessory.

Light filters provide excellent light absorption.

The eye protection is made from highly durable and transparent polymers, which are durable, provide excellent visibility and are scratch resistant.
How to buy goggles in Ukraine
The price of closed-type glasses depends on the brand, the material from which the screen is made, on the spraying, design and construction. Thanks to the variety of models and quality fit, you can choose glasses that fit any type of face. Design is important as it is very common for workers to refuse or “forget” to wear protective equipment because they are uncomfortable.

In the online store Promsiz, there are safety glasses from Elvex, Triarma and other reliable manufacturers. In the catalog you can see a photo and a technical description of goggles. If you are not sure which protection model to buy, call our specialists. They will help you find out what threats to the eyes exist in your enterprise and will suggest the best option.