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Protective face shields

Work at enterprises is traumatic, therefore the task of employers is to provide personnel with reliable protection. A protective mesh or plastic face shield is the most practical and reliable way to avoid burns, damage to the skin of the face or eyes.

The protective face shield is a semicircular shield that protects the face and eyes from any injuries that may occur during the work process. Head-mounted or helmet-mounted face shields protect workers from concrete dust and debris, flying shavings, welding sparks, hot metal splashes, corrosive substances, infrared radiation and other types of hazards encountered in industry or medical, chemical laboratories.

Also, mesh or plastic protective face shields are purchased for personal use – for mowing grass, working with a grinder, welding during construction, grinding, polishing, for repair work.

Main functions of protective shields

This type of protection has serious safety requirements. So that the face shields for electric welders, builders, metallurgists can provide reliable protection to personnel, they are made of the most durable materials. In the online store Promsiz you can buy protective face shields of different types:

Made of sturdy steel or nylon mesh. Microscopic cells keep out even the smallest debris or particulate matter that could damage the eyes, without obstructing the view. They are used when working with wood, in logging, in drilling, but they are not suitable for working with liquids.

Made of highly durable transparent polycarbonate. Shockproof, resistant to high temperatures, electric shock, corrosive liquids, they have a wider range of protection. They are used in the steel industry, in metallurgy, when working with electric current, corrosive liquids, etc. Such protection has excellent optical qualities, which allow it to work for a long time without strain on the eyes.

Protective face shield for the welder. It has protection against UV and IR radiation, sparks, high temperatures and hot metal spatter, used in arc welding, but not suitable for laser welding. Protects the throat and lungs from smoke and hot air. The shade level is controlled by filters.

Models differ in the type of attachment:

Protective shields KBT Vision are attached directly to the construction helmet, with the help of a special device they are shifted up and down. Most often used in construction, industry, where additional head protection is needed.

The face shield NTB has its own head mount.

If necessary, the face shield can be equipped with goggles and headphones, the distance between the shield and the face allows you to wear eyeglasses or respirators.

All products have a shelf life, but this can be shortened due to harmful working conditions – for example, if you have to interact with chemicals that corrode the surface of the screen. Also, scratches can affect the lifespan – they greatly reduce the optical characteristics of the screen.

How to Buy a Protective Face Shield at the Best Price

First of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of shield is needed, from what threats in production it will protect workers. In the catalog of the PromSIZ online store, you can choose a suitable protective face shield in the catalog by photo and description. But if you are not sure what exactly is right for you – a protective face shield model NBT1, NBT2 or NBT-3, our specialists will be able to advise you and explain all the nuances.

The prices of face shields depend on the manufacturer, configuration and screen material. Our online store contains the highest quality models from brands such as Delta Plus Group, STARLINE, as well as face shields from Rosomz – Vision, Vision titan and Vision steel – shockproof, not obstructing the view and providing a wide range of protection.