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The safety helmet is the main head protection in the workplace. For safety reasons, wearing head protection is a prerequisite for working in high-risk areas. If there is a possibility of falling heavy objects, splashing metal, radiation, electric shock, you cannot work without personal protective equipment (PPE) of the head.

Also, one should not forget about side impacts, which, according to statistics, account for up to 30% of head injuries. Most often they occur when working in small rooms, narrow tunnels, when repairing vehicles (especially in inspection ditches) or servicing equipment with protruding parts.

Areas of activity in which head protection is needed

Work in mines, tunnels.
Oil and gas production.
Driving a motorcycle.
Horseback Riding.
Maintenance and adjustment of production equipment.

The specialists of the PromSIZ company will help you choose the appropriate protective helmet and equipment, taking into account the specifics of your activity. You can buy from us not only helmets of the Triarma and ROSOMZ brands, but also PromSIZ helmets of our own production.

Which safety helmet to buy? Depends on the specifics of the work

Each type of work has its own means of protection. They differ for:

Electrical work.
Construction, work at height.
Work in difficult temperature conditions.
Working with hot metals.

If you need to protect your head from falling objects, you must remember that you need one protection from the fall of blunt objects, and another from the fall of a board with a nail on the worker’s head. These nuances are very important to consider when choosing.

How much a protective helmet costs depends on the material of the case, modification, the presence of a comforter, a lamp, and the ability to attach goggles to the helmet. Well, and, of course, the brand.

By the way, the color of the construction helmet is of great importance as it demonstrates the status of the wearer. The boss can afford to buy and wear a white helmet on a construction site, this is the color of leadership. Handymen, apprentices wear orange construction helmets, while red ones are for foremen and foremen. Although these rules have not been strictly enforced for a long time, and at construction sites, unfortunately, it is easy to see workers without protection at all.

Comfortable wearing is an important prerequisite when choosing head protection

The comfort of protective equipment depends not only on the material from which they are made, but also on the quality of the internal equipment. It can be made of plastic or special fabric, which provides good cushioning and a snug fit. It is important that the protection does not dangle on the head, fit in size, and is well fixed. Some construction helmets have a size adjuster.

The presence of a fan is often of great importance. A ventilated helmet helps your head stay cool when working in high temperatures. It is no longer only a matter of comfort, but also of maintaining performance in difficult conditions.

Whatever the level of strength of the product, the PPE head still needs to be periodically renewed, especially if there were serious blows or cracks. Damage reduces the degree of protection.

How to choose and buy PPE head

If you want to buy a construction helmet at a low price, but do not know which one to choose, our specialists will select the best options and give you a free consultation. In the online store Promsiz you can buy a protective helmet with headphones, with a ratchet, a Miner’s helmet, motorcycle and universal helmets, as well as related products – comforters, chin straps, etc. Products are available in any color, and due to the wide price range, you can choose the most suitable option.