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Welding masks
Ensuring the safety of workers in production is the most important task, and the profession of a welder is classified as hazardous, therefore, work equipment and a welder’s mask must be of the highest quality. Carelessness during welding is costly – as is the wrong choice of protective equipment. Therefore, before choosing and buying a welding mask in Ukraine, you need to find out in what temperature range the work will take place, and, depending on the type of welding, determine the appropriate type of light filters.
How to choose a welding helmet
The correct choice of welding shield affects the efficiency of the welder, helps to avoid retinal burns and other damage. The filters used in modern welding shields are coated with a special coating that protects welders from ultraviolet and infrared rays, as well as protects against scratches, cracks and abrasion.

The material from which the welding mask is made must be heat-resistant, since sparks and metal splashes will constantly fall on it.

By the type of shading, protective equipment is divided into:

Traditional low-cost helmets with a lifting filter. The filter rises to check the quality of the seam, and to return to welding, it is lowered manually or just nodded.
A welder’s helmet with auto-dimming, it is more convenient if the welder has to carry out auxiliary work himself, and is considered safer.

If you have to carry out work in the cold, you need to buy a welding mask that can be operated with a large minus, since not all products keep strong cold for a long time.
Dimensions and weight

Weight matters and welding helmet size after long hours of work, a heavy helmet will cause discomfort to the employee, which can slow down the reaction or distract attention.
At the same time, the large size of the welding helmet protects not only the face, but also the neck and upper chest.
High quality modern welding helmets They can be fine-tuned to fit any head size, and the seating depth can be changed to make it easier for the welder to work and maintain maneuverability. External adjustment allows you to adjust the helmet while working without removing the protection.

Welding helmet with automatic light filter
Are in great demand among welders shields with automatic light filter , eg, Chameleon Welding Helmet … The filter is instantly darkened when the working arc strikes and controls the amount of shade of the shield depending on the brightness of the arc. Safety helmets with such filters they perfectly cope with their duties in semi-automatic or manual welding. The shade level is adjustable, and with minimal shade, preparation before welding can be carried out without removing the mask or raising the visor.

The price of welding masks Chameleon and other products with auto-dimming are higher than traditional masks. But they are convenient in that the worker does not have to ignite the arc at random, since the light filter darkens only after it is lit. The proximity of other welding activities in progress also affects the degree of shading.
How to buy a welding mask in Kiev
The prices of welding helmets and helmets depend on the manufacturer , on the material from which the case is made, on the quality of the mount and the features of the lenses. But this is not the piece of equipment that is worth saving on, because an incorrectly selected light filter is fraught with a rapid deterioration in vision.

To decide which welder’s mask to buy , it is necessary to take into account the type of work that the welder will carry out, the duration of the welding. It is even worth considering the size of the room where the work is being carried out, so as not to buy a helmet that is too bulky, in which it will be difficult for an employee to get to the place of welding.

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