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Explosive-air-to-head XPP-5460GCX with helmet clamp

Lantern explosive INTRANT battery-powered rotating XPR-5568RX


Explosive-safe lantern rechargeable on helmet XPR-5561G


Lantern low-profile NSP-4614B


Flashlight rechargeable polymer NSR-9920XL with magnet


TAC-300XL polymer tactical flashlight

TAC-300B polymer tactical flashlight

Explosion-proof headlamp double function XP-5450G

Explosion-proof flashlight with universal helmet mountings XPP-5418GX-K01


Explosion-proof flashlight rechargeable for helmet XPR-5560G


Explosion-proof flashlight XPP-5422GMX with two magnets


Intrinsically safe flashlight INTEGRITAS rotating rechargeable XPR-5582RX


Rechargeable flashlight with magnetic base and handle NSR-1514


Flashlight with dual light NSP-1400YX


Magnetic Clip – 1000/1100 & 1200 Series LED Lights

Explosion-proof flashlight VIRIBUS rechargeable double light XPR-5580R


Explosion-proof flashlight VIRIBUS rechargeable double light XPR-5580G


Adjustable headlamp USB-4708B rechargeable


Rechargeable Explosion Proof and Tactical Flashlights

In the modern world, one cannot do without compact lighting devices; they are used by both professionals and individuals. Flashlights are needed to work at night, they help to navigate in dark or smoky rooms. Since flashlights are carried with you, often with other equipment or – in the case of tactical flashlights – with a weapon, they need to be comfortable in the hand or securely attached to a helmet or weapon. The light weight, heat resistance and power of the device, as well as impact resistance, are important, since tactical flashlights are often used in order to knock out glass or defend against the enemy.

Types of lighting devices in the PromSIZ catalog

In conditions of high fire hazard, in emergency rooms it is not enough to use just a high-quality and powerful flashlight; special explosion-proof flashlights are required. They are used in facilities where there is an increased risk of fires, fires, explosions due to temperature or chemical exposure. Used in rooms where gas emissions can occur. Explosion proof The flashlight has such a durable body that it does not break when dropped from a height, and a high level of tightness fully protects the device from dust and small debris getting inside.

Tactical flashlights – very durable, functional wear-resistant lighting devices, the task of which is to help the owner to aim, or blind, disorient opponents with a flickering light – for this, the straboscope mode is used. They are used not only by the military, police, security guards, but also by private individuals for self-defense or hunting. Tactical flashlight Is a universal device of wide application, which can have special mounts, or be fixed on metal structures using magnets.

Strong bright light is provided by tactical or explosion-proof lanterns with CREE® LED , these are the most popular LEDs of the American company in the world. These LEDs come in different capacities, and due to their low weight, they do not weigh down the lantern, and due to their low price, they do not turn a functional device into an ultra-expensive pleasure.

In the online store PromSIZ You can purchase the following types of explosion-proof and tactical flashlights:

Devices that run on AA or AAA batteries. They differ in the type of wearing – they can be attached to the helmet using fasteners or an elastic forehead strap, they have different brightness modes.

Powerful rechargeable devices that provide an especially bright light. A diode rechargeable flashlight, depending on the type, can emit light beams with a range of about 500 meters and a brightness of 1750 lumens – these are necessary for firefighters when they work for a long time in heavy smoke. Removable extra batteries can provide many hours of use.

How to choose and buy tactical or explosion proof lantern in Ukraine

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the length of the light beam that the flashlight can give, to the brightness levels, and the battery life. It also often matters how long the flashlight can operate in an emergency and what brightness it provides. If you need to simultaneously see both distant objects and the ground under your feet, then it is worth buying a tactical or explosion-proof flashlight with a double-glow mode.

In our online store you will find tactical, explosion-proof and other flashlights suitable for representatives of any specialty. Our managers will tell you which tactical or explosion-proof flashlight to choose – rechargeable or battery-operated, which model to give preference to, tell you about the brightness levels, range of the light beam, battery life and mounting methods.