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Safety interlocks for electrical risks
To prevent unauthorized start-up of equipment while maintenance work is in progress, and to protect personnel from injury, special locks are used. These devices are one of the elements of the LOTO energy source blocking, labeling and control procedure.
Types of devices for which electrical risk blockers are used:

Automatic machines.
Electrical connectors.
Start buttons.
Light switches.

Correctly installed interlocks for push buttons, electrical connectors, switches, and plugs ensure that the equipment that personnel are working on cannot be started until the end of the work.

In the online store Promsiz you can buy the following types of locking devices:

Automatic blockers designed to turn off electrical power to equipment. The fixing bows can be internal and external. They are produced in several sizes – for electrical machines with different distance between the holes for the bollard: 11 mm, over 11 mm and for very small ones.
Circuit breaker interlocks The Grip Tight is a very efficient device that fits a variety of standard switches. The robust case made of hardened steel can withstand the toughest loads. These are narrow products that do not take up much space and do not interfere with blocking adjacent switches.
Universal mini-blockers for electric machines … Easy to install. Made of non-conductive material. Wide temperature range – from -40 to + 70 ° C.
Electric plug locks with a non-conductive housing made of Zenex ™ composite, suitable for prohibiting access to mains cables, power plugs from 110 to 550 volts (depending on the type of device), industrial connectors, etc. Thanks to their specific rotating design, they can be installed in tight spaces that are difficult to get to. Temperature range from -46 to + 177 ° C.
Devices that allow block electrical plugs at 110-120 volts.
Removable and stationary bollards start buttons, light switches, switches, etc. Made of transparent plastic.

How to buy blockers of electrical risks in Kiev
To protect personnel from potential accidents, it is necessary to buy circuit breaker interlocks that are suitable for the specific equipment. Our managers will help you figure out what type of device you need. Most locking devices are quick and easy to install, with or without a screwdriver.

Also, our specialists will tell you what other elements of the LOTO system need to be purchased complete with blockers, will advise on the required types of padlocks and accessories.