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Locks for valves, fittings and flange connections
To prevent unexpected supply of gases, liquids, compressed air, which can harm the health of employees of the enterprise during repair work or equipment maintenance, special interlocks are used. These locking devices allow you to observe safety precautions and securely block the supply of hazardous substances.

Mechanical risk blockers – one of the elements of the reliable LOTO locking system. With the correct choice of the bollard and the correct installation, these locking devices completely prevent accidental opening or closing of valves, latches and taps, fixing mechanical switches, steering wheels and gas pipelines.

The website of the PromSIZ online store presents a wide range of locking devices of different types:

Cable Blocks – Corrosion-resistant bollards with steel cable lengths from 60 cm to 15 meters. Suitable for doors, valves, flaps and can lock not one, but several devices at once. They are used in a wide temperature range – from -57 to +177 ° C.
Blocks of valves, ball valves – heat-resistant locks that securely fix ball valves and taps in the closed position. There are devices that can lock the valves in the open position, this requires an additional cable lock.
Handle blockers – a unique product, very easy to install, which is installed on the neck of the valve and firmly fixes it in the locked or open position.
Flange connection blockers – aluminum and steel clamps that will not allow the flange nuts to loosen. Can be used in extreme and explosive conditions.
Steering wheel locks – locks for visual blocking of vehicles, it is recommended to use with a blocking cable.
Valve blockers – thermally stable composite devices that are used to fix slide, gas valves. Can be locked with 4 padlocks. They can be purchased separately, or in a set if you need to block valves with different diameters.
Pneumatic line choke blockers that do not allow connection to compressed air sources.

How to buy blockers of mechanical risks in Kiev
It is very important to choose the right locking devices for a certain type of equipment, because only in this case they can guarantee the safety of personnel. If you are not sure which specific blockers you need, call us by phone, and the managers of the Promsiz online store will help you sort out and complete the order. They will also tell you how to install locks – most locking devices do not require special tools to install.

Mechanical risk blockers can be purchased together with other elements LOTO locking systems – for example, with padlocks, cable lengths of different lengths, stopper covers, etc. Our experts will recommend what other types of locking devices and accessories should be purchased for your company in order to protect the life and health of workers.