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Grip Tight ™ 506 Interlock Set


Bollard set S1117ES31KA


Set of blockers S1117VS31KA


Bollard set S1117VES31KA


Bollard set 1456E410


Lock set 1220DSPL


Blocking station S1705P410 with filling


Set of locks with an extended shackle 1220LHAST


Blocking station S1850E410 with filling


Blocking station S1484BP410 with filling


Locking kit S3921 (S3920 + S806CBL3)


Set of S2300AST automatic blockers


Blocking station S1720E410 with filling


Set of blockers for automatic machines S1010ES31


Blocking station S1483BP410 with filling


Blocking station S1482BP410 with filling


Blocking station S1900VE410 with filling


Locking kits and kits
The LOTO protection and interlocking system consists of various types of interlocking devices designed to control the power supply while workers are repairing equipment or carrying out maintenance work.

Locking devices for the LOTO safety interlocking system – such as tags, padlocks, automatic device locks and accessories – can be purchased separately, choosing a set of devices that is suitable for specific equipment. Another option that will save time and allow you not to miss a single important detail is to purchase the locking devices in the kit.

Such professional kits are produced both for individual work and for group work, they help to effectively establish the operation of the lock interlocking system and are guaranteed to protect workers from unexpected switching on of equipment or supply of electric current.
In the online store Promsiz you can buy the following blocking kits:

Locking stations of different sizes and with different configurations, in which it is convenient to contain all the locks, tags and pads for blocking. They are wall-mounted and allow you to centrally manage the entire security system.
Combined blockers for electric machines – cut off the supply of electricity, fixing the toggle switch of the automatic switch in the desired position. These are miniature devices with internal and external fixing arms.
A set of steel padlocks, which also includes padlocks, plates and clamps. Locks can be with standard or extended bows.
Locking kits that are used to lock the butterfly valve. The kit consists of a universal lock, which prevents the trigger from being pressed by holding the pressure handle, and a cable lock, with which it is attached to the part of the valve that remains stationary.
Hardened steel interlock set suitable for fixing circuit breakers.
Locking boxes – they include a wide range of locks, including padlocks, gate lock locks, cable locks, interlocking pads, ball valves and electric automatics locks.
Locking bags – a portable set with locks, tags, lock, locking pads and a lock for electric machines.

Before choosing a kit for mechanical or electrical interlocks on the PromSIZ website, it is important to consult with the specialists of our online store. They will help you make sure the package you choose is right for the specific equipment – and for the number of workers who will be servicing it.