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Block organizer 1458


7125D key storage cabinet


Modular station for group blocking S3502


Waist bag 1456 without filling


S1010 bag without filling


Lock station bracket S1518


Label station S1800


Blocking station S1850


Blocking station S1601


Blocking station S1700


Portable lock station S125


Blocking station S1482B


Lock station bracket S1506


Blocking station S1900


Safe for keys, series 5401


Personal boxing S1017


Blocking station S1484B


Blocking station S1483B without filling


Select Access® Key Safe Series 5415


Storage and carrying stations
The LOTO locking system includes many elements – a set of locking locks, tags, plates. To concentrate all interlocking devices in one place, special security stations are used. They make it easy to turn equipment on and off, remind personnel to monitor the power supply during maintenance, and prevent personnel from accidentally entering hazardous locations.
Devices that provide convenient storage of locking devices
The locking station is an open container made of a very durable material, designed for storing padlocks, tags, as well as locking pads. The locking stations are mounted on the wall next to the locking points or at the posts of the LOTO system. They can be sold with a set of blocking devices or empty, if the buyer has already purchased the necessary devices on his own.

A tag station is a container that is used to contain information tags and plates, which indicate the type of technical work, the dates of the work, the contact information of the workers who are responsible for the process. If necessary, it can also contain several locks and padlocks. Label stations can also be purchased blank or complete.

Personal box – empty high-strength boxes for storing and transporting a large number of locking devices.
The key storage cabinet is a high-strength, lockable metal structure that is wall-mounted. Suitable for containing a large number of keys.

The lock station bracket is a metal device that is attached to the wall. Designed to keep locked locks.

Portable Lock Station – Made of lightweight, wear-resistant material, it is used to store and carry locks. Can be configured to the required number of locks. The maximum number is 12 pieces.
Key safe – robust zinc wall-mounted padlock with combination lock. Designed to hold multiple car or house keys.
How to buy storage and carry stations

The Promsiz online store offers a wide range of locking devices. Before purchasing a storage and carrying station, it is worth consulting with our specialists in order to choose the right type of devices with the right equipment.