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Fire resistant workwear

In enterprises where employees have direct contact with high temperatures, hot substances, open fire, thermal radiation, it is necessary to use special fire-resistant overalls. Its task is to protect employees, prevent injuries, burns of varying degrees of complexity, as well as other dangerous injuries to the health of personnel.

Fire-resistant overalls are required for representatives of different professions:

Metallurgist and others.

In Ukraine, you can buy suits for a welder, which are made of a very dense canvas, this is a durable natural material, which is 51% linen and 49% cotton. Overalls made of tarpaulin provide reliable protection against thermal influences that can lead to burns.

Prices for suits for welders depend on the brand, on the type of workwear, on the degree of protection and purpose. Suits for a welder, which can be bought in the PromSIZ company, differ in density, which can be 450 and 530 g / m2. The finishing of suits for the welder has a fire-resistant impregnation, and the dense material protects not only from fire, but also from small particles of dust, metal, and other contaminants.

Modern fireproof overalls for welders are much more comfortable to wear, it is lighter, more comfortable, and not only protects workers, but also looks presentable. It is pleasant to wear and easy to clean. In addition, the workwear is sewn in such a way that the body does not overheat and can breathe. Welding suits, which can be bought at PromSIZ, are provided with ventilation holes, which are located on the line of attaching the yoke on the jacket and provide heat dissipation. On the sleeves at the elbows and on the knees of the pants, there are reinforcing inserts that increase the wear resistance of the protection and extend the service life of the workwear.

How profitable to buy a suit for a welder in Ukraine

It is the employer’s task to provide personnel with high-quality fire-resistant clothing. In the online store Promsiz you can buy welder suits at a bargain price and with different degrees of protection. They are suitable for performing work in different temperature conditions and will be able to protect the health of employees in the most adverse conditions.

Protective fireproof overalls, which are presented in our catalog, meet the DSTU and GOST standards, due to which they withstand thermal effects and do not lose their original characteristics.

The specialists of the Promsiz company will tell you how to choose the right type of fireproof overalls for the welder, help you choose the right size and size, and also advise for free about other types of overalls that may be needed at your enterprise, such as helmets, helmets, face protection and heat-resistant shoes. High-quality and correctly selected protective clothing for the welder will help to reduce the risk of damage at work to a minimum.