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Disposable medical clothing
Hygiene is of paramount importance in the medical field, which is why disposable clothing is given increased attention. Special disposable medical clothing is used not only by doctors, but also by hospital visitors, in order, first, not to bring street dirt into clean rooms, and, secondly, to avoid infections, to protect against hospital infection. Disposable clothing and linen is also used in the food industry, and cosmetic, without it can not do in pharmacological laboratories, where it is necessary to observe an increased level of cleanliness.

Disposable medical clothing is not only used in the medical field, although it is there that this type of protection is treated with the greatest trepidation. The use of disposable clothing increases the level of trust in the enterprise, customers more trust in institutions where they are offered disposable shoes or hats.
Types of disposable medical clothing
In the catalog of the online store PromSYS are all sorts of disposable medical products, made of modern non-woven materials, which are much cheaper than textile materials, but are not inferior to them in quality, density and strength. At the same time, they perfectly pass the air, they do not have a pile, which can fall into the eyes. Not only medical products, but also operating coatings, bedding, napkins, etc. are now made from non-woven materials. Here on the site you can buy clothes for medics of all kinds:

Low shoes on the gum – all familiar and the most common barrier to protect the legs and shoes. They are used by hospital visitors, doctors in operating theatres, laboratory workers, as well as in food production. The material from which such shoe covers are made is quite durable and does not slide on the wet floor. Bachils prevent the spread of dirt, protect against harmful microorganisms.
High shoe covers on the gum are actively used to maintain cleanliness in the premises in the livestock field, when growing plants, in medical institutions. Thanks to the gum well keep on their feet, do not slide.
Sleeves – protect the clothes and skin of the hands from moisture, pollution, microorganisms, chemical reagents, as well as ensure the purity of manufactured products.
Protective masks in three layers of non-woven synthetic material, can have a protective screen made of plastic and an antibacterial filter. The shape with three folds allows you to comfortably arrange the mask on the face.
Health care visitors’ gownsdesigned to preserve sanitary hygiene.
Beret hats from non-woven materials, which are actively used not only as clothes for medics, but also, for example, in cosmetology.
The capes for visitors are comfortable sleeveless robes made of non-woven material, which are fixed by ties near the neck. They are comfortable to be, while they perfectly perform their barrier functions. Such capes are worn by laboratory workers, they are used in surgery and in any production where there are high requirements for cleanliness.

Buy clothes for health workers in Kiev
Disposable clothing cannot be reused, and some medical products have to be changed frequently, such as masks that must be changed if they are wet or dusted. Therefore, disposable clothing is often purchased in bulk, especially since thanks to modern non-woven materials, the prices for clothing for health workers are low.

Employees of our online store will answer any questions related to the quality and characteristics of disposable clothing, tell you what products to buy, and will tell you what other remedies, besides clothing, can be useful to you.