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Professional overalls SARA (Poland)
Inconvenient and shapeless work uniforms are a thing of the past; modern overalls not only perfectly fulfill their protective functions, but at the same time look stylish and presentable. For many years, professional overalls from Poland have been one of the most demanded at Ukrainian factories, since at a low price they have excellent quality.

Thanks to its reliability, abrasion resistance and high protective properties, Polish overalls have proven themselves well, and Sara overalls are one of the leaders in the list of the most demanded brands. Overalls from Poland are actively used by workers of industrial and construction enterprises, production sites, as it is wear-resistant, comfortable and perfectly protects against external factors that threaten the health of personnel.
Our range of workwear from Poland
In the PromSIZ catalog, Sara’s overalls are presented in a wide range, with us you can choose:

Work jackets in various styles, short or long, lightweight and insulated, as well as signal jackets with reflective stripes. The density of work jackets is from 220 to 380 ± 5 g / sq.
Functional overalls and semi-overalls, including signal ones.
Work suits, consisting of a work jacket and semi-overalls.
Trousers of different styles and colors, warning trousers with reflectors.
Soft, breathable flannel shirts.
Comfortable high-quality work vests, including insulated ones.
Working men’s robes.
Protective caps.

For the manufacture of Polish Sara workwear, durable and light modern materials are used – cotton, polyester, fleece, which guarantee thermal regulation, protection from moisture, mechanical damage and sufficient air exchange. The models are presented in various designs, which allows you to buy Sara’s work clothes, which will not only fulfill its direct function of protecting workers, but also give them a presentable look.
How to choose the right protective gear
The main criterion when choosing work overalls is its protective properties and ensuring the comfort of personnel, since the efficiency of employees directly depends on the convenience of clothing. Overalls from Sarah have different densities, so they can be used by workers in various industrial fields, and insulated models are perfect for the Ukrainian winter. Due to its stylish design and protective characteristics, people often buy Polish workwear for everyday wear.

For night work, as well as work related to road repair, construction, transport, it is better to buy Sara’s work clothes with reflective elements that make the staff more visible. Signal clothing helps prevent work-related injuries, and for some areas of activity is an obligatory part of work equipment.
Buy Polish workwear in Ukraine
All models of workwear from Sarah on the PromSIZ website are very high quality, lightweight, comfortable and meet modern fashionable standards. Stylish Polish work jackets and overalls can be used not only in production, but also for personal, economic and tourist purposes.

Thanks to the wide range of our online store, you can easily find the optimal work clothes from Poland at the most suitable price. Our employees will help you understand its protective properties, tell you about the characteristics of each model and advise what other types of personal protection may be useful to you or your employees.