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Summer overalls
Construction and renovation work does not stop all year round, but summer is the most convenient season for them. Since there is no frost and cold winds, workers can stay outdoors for a long time without the danger of frostbite and sickness, and the dry air allows many jobs that are less effective in rainy seasons – for example, paving new asphalt, repairing roads, working with electricity.

But summer overalls The suits worn by the workers are no less important than the winter suits, since in our climate it is sometimes more difficult to protect oneself from the heat and scorching sun than from frost. Therefore, not only the efficiency of the work process, but also the health of workers often depends on the correctly selected summer clothes in Ukraine.
How to choose summer work suits and overalls
The task is to buy the correct summer men’s and women’s overalls lies with the employer, since the uniform is an element of safety at the enterprise. Most often, there is no way to bring all the workers to the store and make a fitting, so it’s easier buy summer overalls in the online store.

There will be no problems with the selection of sizes due to the wide range of sizes. In addition, given that people have different shapes, summer overalls are usually adjusted to the length and width of the products. The managers of our online store will tell you when the overalls should fit in size, and when it is better to purchase one size larger.

What to consider when choosing:

Overalls for enterprises should be comfortable, not crush or chafe, so that employees can feel comfortable during a long working day.
The overalls must fit. It is important that the suit does not hinder the movement of workers, allowing them to maintain maneuverability.
Summer overalls must be functional and correspond to the specifics of the work performed. To do this, special convenient fasteners, pockets of the desired depth, etc. are made on it.
It is advisable that summer overalls be made of high-quality cotton, which will allow workers to sweat less.
There is one more important quality of summer workwear – work clothes should look presentable. Neatly tailored, well-fitting suits help workers take what they do more seriously and build a good image for the employer.

Buy quality summer overalls in Kiev
In our online store you can buy high-quality breathable T-shirts and T-shirts that do not shrink and are ideal for many hours of outdoor work. You can also buy special work suits European level, consisting of a jacket and trousers or a jacket and semi-overalls. These suits are the perfect summer outfit for all working professions.

In the catalog you can see photos of the costumes and read their detailed descriptions. If you have any questions about what summer overalls should be bought for employees of your enterprise, call us, and the managers online store Promsiz will tell you about the specifics of different work suits and tell you which one is best for the work being done.

Thanks to the wide range presented in the PrSIZ catalog, you can choose summer overalls, focusing not only on its functionality, but also on color and appearance. After all, presentable spectacular a uniform – it is not only the protection of employees, but also the prestige of the company itself.

In addition to T-shirts and suits, summer safety shoes and, if necessary, head, eye or hearing protection must be purchased. Hats in the summer are dangerous to neglect. Also, for working in the sun, you need to take care of special protection for the skin.