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During any technical work – construction, paint and varnish, welding, etc. – the air can be so contaminated that breathing it becomes hazardous to health. Respirators, masks, gas masks are a reliable and effective way to protect the throat and lungs from smoke, dust, gas, gasoline or mercury vapor and other harmful substances that workers often encounter in production. Respiratory protection is used in case of fire, and is also necessary when working for the military and doctors.

There are many threats to the respiratory system that can be encountered at work and in everyday life. Mainly:

Dust (concrete, coal, wood, etc.)


Poisonous substances.



Mercury vapors and various other vapors.


Welding soot.

A properly selected respirator (or a protective mask and filters for it) will purify the air by almost 100% and will not make breathing difficult, and modern materials from which they are made do not cause allergies and allow you to work comfortably for many hours.

Respirators and half masks for breathing protection are often bought for personal use – for example, for home repairs, if you need to work with paints, varnishes or grinders. Due to their low price, filtering anti-aerosol respirators are available to everyone – the main thing is to buy the right type of respirator so that it provides sufficient protection.

Classification of respirators and protective breathing masks

According to the principle of action, personal protective equipment of the respiratory system is divided into:

Filtering – pass the inhaled air through the filtering material with sorbents and absorbers. This type of RPE includes gas masks and respirators.

Filtering protective equipment can be used only if the volume of oxygen in the surrounding space is at least 18%, and the content of harmful substances in the air is limited. They cannot be used in small closed rooms, such as wells, cisterns, and they are also not suitable in cases where the composition and amount of harmful impurities in the air is unknown.

Isolating – used in cases where the use of filtering RPE is unacceptable. These respiratory protection devices completely shut off the flow of air with harmful impurities from the atmosphere, supplying breathing air from their own reserves (oxygen cylinder or blowers).

Basic particulate respirators for protection against dust are most often disposable, they are made in the form of a half mask, they can be with or without a valve. Passing through the filter material, the air is purified from impurities. They are hygienic, fit snugly to the face, and do not interfere with wearing safety glasses.

By appointment, protective half masks, masks and respirators are divided into 3 types:

Anti-dust respirators that protect against abrasives, aerosols and fine dust. The degree of protection depends on the level of air pollution.

Gas respirators that are used to protect the respiratory system from chemicals – gasoline vapors, acetone, kerosene, compounds with phosphorus, chlorine, etc. Each type of hazardous gases needs its own filter, but there are combined filters with simultaneous protection against several gases.

From gas and dust. These are means of protection against toxic substances and dust at the same time, they are made of polymer materials with excellent insulating properties.

Wearing a dust mask, especially a professional one, is just as important as protecting your lungs from chemicals, although the discomfort from dust may be less noticeable than from strong odors or soot. The most dangerous of all is the dust that is not visible to the eye, it settles deep in the lungs and causes chronic diseases.

How to buy a respirator for protection

Throat and lung protection is required in many areas and a painting respirator will be different from a welder’s respirator. Therefore, before buying a disposable or reusable respirator for protection, it is necessary to determine the type of contamination from which protection is needed, as well as the degree of contamination.

It is very important that the filtering half mask of the respirator is suitable in shape and size, does not press or dangle. If you need to work for many hours, then a poorly fitted mask will cause discomfort even despite its low weight.

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