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Shoes for chefs and food industry

According to sanitary and hygienic standards, kitchen workers must be provided with a special uniform, and shoes are the most important part of it, since representatives of these professions spend many hours a day on their feet. Professional footwear for cooks has strict requirements – it must not only be comfortable and aesthetic, but also meet all safety standards.

Requirements for footwear for the food industry

Protective properties. Shoes for cooks – clogs, low shoes and shoes – should protect the feet of personnel from burns that occur due to splashing boiling water, as well as prevent mechanical damage to the feet due to falling kitchen utensils, such as knives. Therefore, when buying professional shoes for chefs, you should choose models with closed toes and a durable toe cap.
Durable and easy to clean. Hot, corrosive liquids and food particles often come into contact with food-processing shoes and quickly contaminate the surface, so it is important that the shoes and clogs are easy to clean. The material must be strong and durable, and also allow the skin to breathe.
Sole. The comfortable, non-slip grooved outsole provides good traction on the floor, which reduces the risk of slipping on spilled oils, sauces and other liquids – a common cause of injury to kitchen workers.
Special insole. Shoes for food workers should have an anatomical insole that relieves stress from the foot and prevents not only muscle overload, but also the swelling that often occurs due to hours of work on the feet.

It is preferable that the material from which the footwear for food production is made is environmentally friendly, lightweight and elastic. Breathable safety footwear is hygienic, it prevents sweating, fungus and unpleasant odors.

The upper of the clogs and shoes for chefs and food workers are made of genuine leather or antibacterial microfiber, the sole is made of polyurethane. This outsole does not slip on oil and other liquids, and also absorbs impact in the heel area, which makes workers less tired in it.

How to buy safety footwear for the food industry in Ukraine

If you are looking for men’s or women’s shoes for a cook in Kiev, it is easy to buy them in the PromSIZ online store. The catalog contains black and white chef’s clogs, shoes and low boots of such well-known brands as EXENA and GIASCO, as well as footwear for food industry workers of its own production by Promsiz.

It is very important that the cook’s safety shoes are of high quality, otherwise they will wear out too quickly, since the kitchen is a rather aggressive environment for shoes. Therefore, it is important to pay attention not only to the appearance of the shoe, but also to the material from which it is made. All clogs and shoes for cooks that can be bought on our website comply with the sanitary and technical standards that apply to highly specialized safety shoes.

The prices for chef’s safety shoes depend on the brand and shoe configuration.

If you are not sure which model or color to choose, call the managers of our online store, and they will recommend which option is best suited to the specifics of your company.