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Winter safety shoes – Insulated safety shoes
People who work outside during the cold season in Ukraine cannot do without insulated safety shoes. In our climate, winter safety shoes are necessary to avoid hypothermia of the feet and disability. Work at an enterprise does not always imply a lot of activity, and it is very difficult to stand for several hours in the cold without leather insulated boots or boots

It is the employer’s task to provide workers with the necessary safety footwear, therefore, winter work shoes in Ukraine are most often bought at the enterprise in bulk. But insulated winter safety shoes it is also in demand in everyday life – it is often purchased by people who are engaged in construction and work for themselves, it is suitable for long walks, for hunting and fishing. Because unlike ordinary leather boots for the winter / autumn season, special winter shoes for work not only protect you from the cold, but also have additional properties.
Characteristics that winter work shoes should have

The primary task is to preserve the health of the working personnel, therefore winter safety shoes should protect the feet from hypothermia even at the lowest temperatures. When choosing winter safety shoes for men, one should pay attention to the material from which the insulation is made.
Since workers have to deal with icy surfaces in winter, it is very important that insulated leather boots have grooved soles that will not slip on ice or oil.
Working winter shoes must be shockproof, protected from punctures and tears. Winter footwear for work on the street must have increased wear resistance so as not to become unusable after one season.
It is very important that the shoes are comfortable and lightweight, since workers often spend 8-10 hours on their feet, and their feet should not get tired from hours of exertion.
The upper material should be made of genuine leather that does not crack from frost or temperature extremes. In addition, the leather material allows the feet to “breathe”. The material of shoes and soles must be resistant to gasoline and oil products.

What to consider when choosing a winter safety footwear
Different types of activities require their own special footwear – for example, boots for builders will differ from footwear that is suitable for metalworking or security activities. It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the bootleg, the composition of the sole, the presence of a metal toe cap, the possibility of cushioning the foot and the absorption of impact in the heel area.

If an employee spends many hours on his feet, the feet may swell in the evening. Therefore, it is better to buy winter work shoes half a size larger, since they should not squeeze the foot.

For work on uneven surfaces, where there is a danger of stepping on a nail or sharp object, it is worth choosing winter safety shoes for men with an insole that protects against punctures.

A toe can protect from injuries associated with falling on the leg of a heavy object – it can take a blow up to 200 J.
Where to buy men’s winter safety shoes
Price for winter men’s safety shoes depends on the type of shoe, material, impregnation, and, of course, the brand. In Kiev today you can buy not only winter work shoes from the most famous world manufacturers, but also high-quality shoes from Ukrainian brands. In the online store PromSIZ presented winter leather boots and boots from brands EXENA, GIASCO, as well as insulated safety shoes under its own brand TRIARMA.

The managers of the PromSIZ online store will tell you which winter safety shoes are best to buy, taking into account your specifics of work, and will help you choose a model with the best price-quality ratio. A variety of models and a wide range of sizes allow you to choose high-quality and stylish safety shoes for men and women that will protect you from the cold, ensure safety and last for many years.