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Medical footwear
Over the past decades, medical footwear and the appearance of uniforms have changed dramatically. Gone are the shapeless robes and dull hats. Now the task of medical fashion is to provide medical workers not only with protection and comfort, but also with an original stylish design. Uniforms have ceased to be boring and dull, new styles and colors allow you to choose models of clothing and special footwear in which to work is not only comfortable, but also pleasant.
What are professional medical shoes for?
Healthcare workers need replacement shoes, and it’s not just hygiene. The specificity of medical activity is that the staff can spend a day on their feet, and they cannot do without comfortable shoes for doctors. Improperly selected sneakers or slippers will not be able to protect against problems with joints and spine, and in order to support the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary to buy professional medical shoes.
Such safety footwear is intended for workers in various fields:

For medical institutions – doctors, nurses, orderlies.
For HoReCa employees, this is the staff of hotels, hotels, hostels, as well as restaurants and catering services.
For the cleaning industry.
For staff of chemical and pharmacological laboratories.
For biotechnology industry, research institutes, etc.

In the online store Promsiz are presented soft and comfortable shoes, clogs and low shoes from famous brands Exena, Giasco. They are made from quality materials and not only protect the feet from dirt, excessive stress, mechanical shock, but also prevent bacteria from multiplying, protecting against allergies and fungi.
Main characteristics of medical footwear
Correct distribution of the load on the feet when walking or standing for many hours at the operating table prevents disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic medical shoes, which can be bought in Ukraine, should protect against intervertebral hernias, muscle pain, and joint pain.

It is important to pay attention to the comfort when wearing it, it depends on the correctly selected last of the medical shoes. This will prevent the formation of calluses and growths, as well as protect against such common problems as deformities of the toes.

The material of medical footwear (whether natural or artificial) must allow the skin to “breathe” so that the feet do not overheat and do not sweat. This will protect your feet from fungus. Therefore, the tops of medical shoes and low shoes are made of microporous materials, and the top of the clog has special holes.

Shoes for medical workers, employees of chemical laboratories, pharmacists are stable and firmly fixed on the foot. The outsole absorbs impact in the heel area, is non-slip and provides a soft, springy gait. Thanks to this, the legs get tired less even after hours of work. Special models of shoes and clogs reduce the risk of twisting the foot and getting injured. Such shoes have a wide toe and do not put pressure on the toes, even if the feet are swollen in the evening.

Shoes for doctors, which can be bought in our online store, are easy to clean, and most of the models presented on the Promsiz website can be washed in a washing machine.
How to buy medical shoes
In the online store Promsiz you can buy inexpensive medical shoes online by choosing a model yourself from the catalog or after consulting with our specialists. They will tell you about the specifics of footwear for healthcare workers, and help you choose the best option. From us you can wholesale or retail buy men’s and women’s medical shoes with a perforated top, composite insoles and anti-slip soles.

The medical shoes presented in our catalog are lightweight and hardly felt on the foot. This allows not only to protect the legs from stress, but also to move quickly and silently along the corridors and wards, without disturbing patients and colleagues.