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Rubber safety shoes
Classic safety footwear, despite all its protective properties, is not suitable for work in all conditions. Sometimes you need safety shoes with additional functions – for example, for working in high humidity conditions. If workers have to deal with water, moisture, dirt, harmful liquids, oils, ordinary work boots, even those with water-repellent impregnation, will not be enough. For such cases, you need to buy work shoes made of PVC or rubber.
The rubber safety footwear has a wide range of applications:

It is completely waterproof, so it allows you to work for hours while standing in the water without getting your feet wet.
Non-conductive rubber safety shoes provide excellent protection when working with electric shock. It protects against electric shock and static electricity that builds up in the worker’s clothing and causes sparks.
If there is a risk of punctures, it is worth buying rubber boots with a sturdy Kevlar sole or steel plate that will protect your feet from damage.
The soles of the rubber safety footwear are anti-slip and protect workers from falls and injury when working on slippery surfaces.
Gone are the days when rubber safety shoes were bulky and uncomfortable – modern men’s and women’s rubber boots are light and comfortable, with good shock absorption. Tight ankle wrap reduces stress on the legs, even after hours of work.
Rubber boots perfectly protect against burns, so they are actively used in those areas of activity where workers have to deal with fire and high temperatures – metallurgy, welding, fire protection.
Rubber safety shoes with a steel toe cap perfectly protect the feet from falling objects, which is very important for loading or construction work.

The qualities and characteristics of rubber boots depend on the material from which they are made. Manufacturers compete with each other, inventing new types of polymers that make rubber safety shoes even more comfortable and reliable. In the online store Promsiz, you can buy working boots made of PVC and rubber of various types at the best prices.
Main characteristics of PVC rubber boots
PVC rubber boots are gaining more and more popularity due to the versatile qualities of this polymer:

PVC shoes possesses high heat resistance – polyvinyl chloride “does not burn”, withstands temperatures up to 66 degrees. Therefore, PVC footwear is in demand among firefighters and in chemical laboratories.
Polyvinyl chloride much lighter than rubber, therefore rubber boots, PVC safety shoes can be worn for many hours without getting tired.
Material shockproof , almost does not deteriorate, persistent and practically invulnerable. These rubber boots will last for many years and will not lose their appearance.
Special coating makes PVC safety shoes resistant to all types of fats and oils.
PVC boots monolithic, they cannot have cracks where water penetrates, they do not have to be glued.

How to choose and buy rubber safety shoes in Ukraine
In order to select the type of rubber boots that will give the maximum protection, it is necessary to determine the risks that personnel may face in the work process. For example, PVC fishing boots do not have to be purchased with a steel toe cap, unlike men’s rubber boots for movers or logging workers. The managers of the PromSIZ online store will help you determine the required type of safety footwear and offer the most suitable options for PVC and rubber boots that will provide the necessary protection and are suitable for the price.

For production, PVC footwear and rubber footwear are often bought in bulk, since the duty to ensure the safety of personnel is the responsibility of the employer. But people often buy waterproof safety shoes for personal purposes, they are required for anglers, necessary for hunting in the rainy season, for tourism, walking in forests and wetlands.