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Revision of EN 374


Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms.


> Standard EN 374-1: 2003


> Standard EN ISO 374-1: 2016

Protective gloves against chemicals

Three test methods are based on:
• Puncture test according to EN 374-2: 2014
• Permeation test in accordance with EN 16523-1: 2015 replacing EN 374-3
• In-service degradation test according to EN 374-4: 2013

Verification of deterioration in performance during operation (deterioration of the physical properties of gloves in contact with a chemical reagent) in accordance with    

 EN 374-4:2013

In order to claim adequate protection against listed chemicals, permeation and degradation tests must be carried out. The results of the in-service degradation test should be included in the information booklet.

6 new chemicals have been added to the list of hazardous reagents

> Standard EN ISO 374-5: 2016

Protective gloves against microorganisms

Gloves must pass a permeability test in accordance with EN 374-2:2014. Virus protection tests have been added (in case the gloves pass the ISO 16604:2004 test (Method B).

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