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Eye protection - goggles, shields

The eyes are a highly sensitive organ that is easily injured and very difficult to repair, even with the advances of modern medicine. Therefore, scientists at the end of the 19th century attended to the invention of personal protective equipment for the organs of vision. First of all, such protection is necessary for working in an aggressive environment, in production, where there is a risk of injury from metal chips, acid or blinding rays.

For a long time eye PPE were not popular, as they greatly narrowed the viewing angle and made it difficult to work. For these reasons, workers could ignore the rules and forget to wear bulky, uncomfortable glasses, which caused injury and loss of vision. Modern eye protection glasses do not have these drawbacks - they are ideal for long-term wear, do not bring discomfort, are ventilated and can even correct vision.

Personal eye protection - what is it and who uses it

Glasses, as eye protection in production, are an optical device that completely covers the organs of vision and protects against various types of threats:

From any mechanical impact.
From burns.
From radiation (laser, ultraviolet).
Chemical substances.
Dust, smoke, gas.
Small flying particles.
Thermal impact.

Personal eye protection is used even in sports - they protect against puck or ball strikes.

Eye protection required by employees of various professions - laboratory assistants, carpenters, welders, miners, explosives - in a word, to those people whose activities are related to cutting, crushing, electricity, painting, high temperatures, bright lights, spraying aggressive liquids or gases. Safety glasses are used by surgeons, gardeners, builders and even cooks.

How to choose and buy technical eye protection

To choose correct eye protection glasses, you first need to determine what eye hazards the worker may face. It depends on the type of glasses. In the PromSIZ online store you can buy the following eye protection:

Safety goggles of open type. They provide eye protection only from the front and side, without covering the eyes from above and below. These glasses will not fog up, do not narrow the field of view. Glasses of open type glasses can be replaced with glasses with diopters if the worker needs vision correction.
Closed goggles give more reliable protection, but the angle of view in them is narrower. If there is no ventilation, the windows may fog up, but special glass fluids help to solve this problem.
Gas welder's glasses with darkening filters and special coating against fogging. They protect both the lateral and superciliary region of the eyes from bright light, high temperatures, liquids, sparks.

Glasses of all types can use special filters that give radiation eye protectionprotect against blinding and burns. They pass only that part of the spectrum that is visible to the eye, but block ultraviolet and infrared rays. You can buy glasses with built-in filters if you only need them for one type of work. Another option is glasses with viewing frames where you can insert various filters.

Different types of work require different filters - for example, darkening filters are used to protect against blinding light, and a special coating is needed to protect against caustic acids.

Sometimes it’s not enough to wear goggles alone – some jobs require protective shields or masks. Therefore, before making a choice, it is worth contacting specialists. Managers of the PromSIZ online store will consult you for free and help you buy goggles or shields of a suitable type and with the necessary light filters.

On the website you will find a wide range of high quality safety glasses from TRIARMA, Elvex and other manufacturers, and a variety of models and a wide price range will help you choose the perfect option.