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LOTO safety interlock systems

Unintentional start-up of work equipment during maintenance and repair work remains one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Injuries due to the unexpected supply of dangerous energy most often end in a serious outcome. That is why the control of sources of hazardous energy is a mandatory measure to ensure safety at work.

The loto locking and marking system of the trade brand Master Lock is designed to protect operating personnel from unauthorized supply of electric current, gas and liquids. The Loto system is a set of measures that ensures the correct shutdown of industrial equipment, and also prevents accidental start-up of machines until the repair work is completed.

Elements of the LOTO safety interlock system

To keep the equipment inoperative and to ensure that it is not turned on accidentally, the system uses:

Blocker - a blocking device that fixes the energy source for the period of repair work in a safe position.

The padlock locks the interlock or power source (if the interlock is built-in).

Prohibition label - a tag with basic information about the work being carried out (date of commencement of work, completion date, responsible person, etc.)

If the equipment is configured or repaired by more than one person, but by a group of specialists, auxiliary tools of the blocking system can be used:

The blocking pad (hasp) allows several workers to carry out technical work, each of which blocks the working equipment with its own lock.

Locking stations for efficient control of locking devices.

Boxes for storage of devices of blocking.

Group boxing reduces the number of blocking locks.

What industrial blockers of the LOTO system protect against

Depending on the scope of application, they are divided into 2 types:

Protection against mechanical influences. They are used when it is necessary to avoid accidentally pressing triggers, opening valves, valves. This type of blockers allows you to keep fittings, gate valves inoperative and prevent accidental supply of liquids and gases.

Electricity blockers. Do not allow to start electrical equipment, exclude power supply.

Benefits of Implementing a Safety Interlock System

The use of Master Lock loto locking devices reduces the number of serious injuries and deaths at work.

Thanks to the information tags, unintentional start-up of the equipment is excluded, they cannot be overlooked or accidentally removed.

The system allows you to comply with mandatory safety precautions and reduces the number of claims from control authorities.

The loto system reduces insurance premiums and equipment downtime, resulting in cost savings.

Master Lock products are considered the most progressive and effective personnel protection system not only in Ukraine, but throughout the civilized world. The Loto protective system completely isolates the sources of energy supply, excluding the human factor, since it is impossible to restore the energy supply by mistake or due to negligence without removing the blocker. That is why PromSIZ works with Master Lock products.

The procedure for implementing the Loto system from Master Lock in Kyiv

The introduction of a system of protection against unauthorized access in industrial enterprises is a lengthy process that can distract staff from work for a long time. To avoid downtime, it is better to entrust the organization of the procedure to professionals. PromSIZ specialists carry out the implementation of the Loto system from start to finish, on a turnkey basis, and can also provide assistance at any stage of implementation.

To decide whether the Loto system is suitable for your company, you can get advice from PromSIZ specialists or order a presentation to visit your company.