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Locking pads
Ensuring the safety of personnel at work is the most important task, since every year in Ukraine at least 5 thousand people are injured at the workplace. Often, workers are injured due to the fact that the equipment they are currently servicing is accidentally turned on. To avoid this, it is worth using special systems in production that reliably block the energy source, protecting it from accidental start.

Locking pads are part of the LOTO locking and marking system, one of the most reliable systems that ensure the safety of personnel during maintenance and repair work in production. LOTO guarantees that the equipment that the personnel works with will not be turned on accidentally or through negligence until the very end of the work.

Locking pads allow you to securely block the equipment and guarantee the safety of workers. If the work is carried out by several employees, then everyone has the opportunity to block their site, and the machine will not start until the last lock is opened.
How to choose a blocking pad
Each pad has special holes for locks. The required number of holes depends on how many employees are doing the work. It is necessary that each employee can put his own lock on the same equipment - then he will be sure that while he is working, the equipment will not turn on. In the PromSIZ online store, you can buy locking pads that allow you to use from 4 to 24 locks.

Blocking elements are made of steel and aluminum, which are coated with a special coating that protects against various types of threats:

Anti-corrosion coating for work in rooms with a high level of humidity.

Coatings resistant to high temperatures.

Anodized aluminum is spark resistant.

Dielectric interlocks are protected from electricity, exposure to chemicals.

Vinyl coating makes the product more visible and does not allow slipping in the hands.

Locking pads in Ukraine can be bought with different thicknesses of the arms, so that objects with the narrowest openings can be locked.
How to buy blocking pads in Ukraine
The website of the PromSIZ online store presents different types of blocking pads that are suitable for any industrial sector. But linings are only one element of the blocking system, so before making a final choice, it is better to consult with experts. Our managers will give a free consultation and suggest how to properly install the lock, and what additional elements may be needed in the process.

Prices for blocking pads in Ukraine depend on their material, number of holes for locks and size. Our online store offers a wide range of overlays at the most attractive prices!