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Safety belts
Work at height always carries an increased risk of injury due to falls, so workers working at high heights such as construction workers, fitters, painters, welders, electricians, must have maximum protection. For this, special professional safety systems have been developed, the main part of which are safety belts for work at height.
Types of safety harnesses
In the PromSIZ online store you can buy safety mounting belts different types:

High-altitude safety harness. This is climbing equipment designed to work at heights where there is a risk of falling. It is used for work related to moving up and down in a plane and horizontally. It is fixed on the legs and shoulders with the help of straps and has 1 or 2 sling attachment points - on the chest and on the back. The sling must be used with a shock absorber.
Strapless safety harnesses. Their task is to prevent the worker from getting into an area where he can fall down. Such insurance is attached to a sling or halyard without a shock absorber, which allows the worker to move around the working area, but keeps a step away from the edge. Climbing arbors belong to the same category of protection. Safety harnesses are not used in areas where there is a possibility of falling from a height!
For high-rise and climbing construction works of any complexity, you can use combined safety belts, which combine both a strap and a strapless version, that is, they have both leg and shoulder straps, and a sash for the back. They are very convenient when an employee needs to maintain maneuverability, reach out to some distant objects.

Safety mounting belts are made of very durable polyamide materials with high-quality durable metal fittings - brass, steel, aluminum alloys. You can’t save on this type of insurance, because the consequences of a material rupture can be fatal.

Conventional nylon or rope belay lines are used only where they cannot be damaged, where there is no danger of breaking or chafing of the rope. For example, for work where interaction with fire is implied, a regular sling cannot be used. Instead, a refractory sling, a target sling or a cable-type metal sling is attached to the safety belt.
What are safety belts used for?

First of all, safety mounting belts are used to insure a worker from falling at construction sites, while painting walls, laying cables, roofing, washing windows or insulating high-rise buildings.
Their other purpose is insurance when people descend into pits, ditches, wells.
Also, safety belts are a convenient tool to help people in case of emergency, when you need to urgently evacuate a person who has lost consciousness or is injured. Such needs arise during fires, explosions, collapses of walls.
ESD safety belts are required if a worker or rescuer needs to go to the bottom of a tank where gas can accumulate. The gas is usually odorless and workers may not realize they are getting too little oxygen. In such a situation, you can lose consciousness, and the same thing will happen to the rescuers if they come down to help. Therefore, it is necessary that one of the colleagues watches from above, and, if necessary, pulls out the victim.

Where to buy a safety belt
The catalog of the online store PromSIZ presents a large selection of strap and strapless safety belts from the most reliable manufacturers. Prices of mounting safety belts depend on the type of insurance, on the configuration and can vary greatly, but all the models presented are of the highest quality.

Our managers will answer all questions related to the models and suggest which safety harness should be bought for work at height, in confined spaces, and which ones are suitable for emergency situations.