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Limited Time Clothing
If the company has increased requirements for cleanliness - as, for example, in high-precision production, in the medical field, in pharmacological and chemical laboratories, then it is advisable to buy disposable clothing. Thanks to its excellent barrier functions, it will keep it clean during use, after which it can be thrown away, rather than wasting time and money on disinfection.

Limited-life clothing is made from different materials, depending on what it is intended for. For hospitals, cosmetic clinics, etc. suitable disposable clothing made of thin non-woven materials, which allows you to maintain hygiene and at the same time does not restrict movement, allows air to pass through. For agriculture or chemical laboratories where there is a risk of acid splashes on the skin, comfortable and durable disposable overalls that protect against moisture are used.
Types and advantages of nonwoven work clothes
Short term use does not always mean single use, some types of protective clothing are worn until worn out. Modern materials from which work clothes are made are characterized by increased durability - and at the same time they are light, thin, breathable. Disposable clothing is comfortable, it does not impede the movement of workers, does not make them sweat.

In our online store you can buy high quality disposable clothing at low prices:

Light protective overalls with and without hoodwhich a person can easily put on and take off on their own. Elastic cuffs and rubberized seams provide effective protection against chemicals and other hazards.
High shoe covers with elastic, which completely cover the shoes and do not slip.
bathrobes – Comfortable, lightweight and effective body protection garment with stitched seams and anti-static treatment.
Low shoe covers with elastic from a material that does not slip on wet floors and helps to comply with sanitary standards.
Jackets with a hood and stitched seams - durable, lightweight, with anti-static treatment. They are comfortable to wear with protective gloves, masks and respirators.
durable polymer coated sleeves and elastic cuffs that tightly wrap around the shoulder and wrist, preventing the penetration of chemical and biological hazardous substances.
aprons - an accessory that protects the front of the body from hazardous effects, worn with other protective clothing or separately.
Face masks - fixed on the face with elastic bands, have a protective plastic screen.
Thin protective caps.
Disposable clothing for visitors to medical and other institutions - gowns and capes made of light non-woven materials that protect against bacteria, infections, and pollution.

How to buy disposable clothes in Ukraine
Protective clothing is often used in combination with respirators, goggles, gloves and other PPE, depending on the hazards that personnel may encounter. In catalog PromSIZ a wide range of protective clothing and accessories is presented, and our managers will help you choose the best PPE for your company, tell you which disposable work clothes are best suited.

The materials from which limited-time clothing is made are durable, light and cheap, so in our online store you can buy disposable overalls wholesale or retail at the most reasonable prices. Nonwoven materials used to make disposable overalls, jackets, gowns, etc. have excellent mechanical and barrier properties, good fire resistance, protect workers from bacteria and chemicals, and manufactured products from pollution.