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Waterproof clothing
In all areas of activity where people have to work in conditions of high humidity - both indoors and outdoors - it is necessary to use special waterproof clothing. Moisture protection is required by workers in many industries:

Oil producing.
Timber processing.
Chemical productions.
Security companies.
Service sector and others.

Waterproof overalls people regularly use it for outdoor activities and in everyday life, it is worn by tourists, fishermen, hunters. The first waterproof workwear was invented 150 years ago for sailors, it was impregnated with linseed oil. Modern waterproof clothing is made from lightweight materials with excellent protective properties, such as polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and polyester.
Our range of waterproof clothing
The catalog of the online store PromSIZ presents waterproof raincoatswhich provide complete protection against moisture, dust and wind. Comfortable style does not slow down movement, does not interfere with work. The zipper on the raincoat is covered with a wind-shelter valve, which is why the workers do not freeze even when they are in the rain for a long time. The waterproof hood completely covers the head and is conveniently fixed with a drawstring.

The raincoat has patch pockets, which are also protected from moisture by valves. Internal cuffs prevent water from entering the sleeves. There is a valve on the back of the raincoat for air venting, so you can work in water-repellent clothing without sweating.
How to choose waterproof clothing in Ukraine
Special clothing that protects against moisture is universal, it is not divided into men's and women's. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best option for waterproof clothing based on its following qualities and features:

Material - it is important that it be durable, lightweight, easy to care for, as when working in high humidity conditions, clothes get dirty easily. The width of the PVC coating also matters.
Accessories - you need to choose durable and high-quality, not rusting, and make sure that it closes comfortably and tightly and is securely attached to the material of the raincoat.
Seams - must be neatly glued, not have gaps.
Style - since waterproof clothing is bought mainly for work, it is important that a person feels comfortable in it. Even if you have to work outside and a warm sweater or jacket is worn under a waterproof raincoat.

Buy waterproof clothing in Ukraine
Prices for water-repellent clothing are low and depend on the material from which raincoats are sewn. On the PromSIZ website, you can buy waterproof clothing for work in bright yellow or neutral green colors, made of polyester or polyurethane with a PVC coating of 0.5 mm or 0.32 mm.

In our online store you can buy presentable and high-quality waterproof clothing wholesale or retail. PromSIZ specialists will help you figure out which option is better to choose, based on the protective properties of raincoats, and tell you how to decide on the size.

We recommend purchasing waterproof raincoats one size larger so that they can be worn in cold weather over other warm clothing. But if you buy a raincoat that is too big, it will slow down your movements and interfere with your work.

Also, if necessary, in addition to raincoats, the managers of our online store will help you choose another protective clothing - shoes, aprons, gloves, armlets, protective masks and overalls.