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safety shoes
Safety shoes are designed specifically to protect against the negative effects of the working environment. In many enterprises there is a high risk of injury, so the task of the employer is to buy and give employees work shoes that will protect them from factors that can be harmful to health.

Work boots and boots protect against low and ultra-high temperatures, oils, fats, petroleum products, electric current, solutions of alkalis and acids, toxic substances, radioactive radiation. You can buy safety shoes in Kyiv for builders, doctors, electricians, welders, rescuers and employees of other areas, work in which is associated with the risk of leg injury.
Basic criteria for safety shoes:

Safety. In the manufacture of work shoes, special materials are used that minimize the risk of possible work-related injuries. These are natural leather uppers that are more durable than artificial leather and provide long wear without surface breaks, metal toe caps, ultra-light or abrasion-resistant soles.
Convenience. Anatomical insoles, shock-absorbing heels, natural materials allow you to buy safety shoes in Ukraine, which will not only protect you from negative influences, but also provide comfortable wearing. It is very important that safety shoes fit exactly on the foot, as many injuries in enterprises occur precisely because of the inconvenience of work boots.
wear resistance. Work safety shoes are bought with the expectation that they will be actively used for a long time. The higher the quality of the materials from which safety shoes are made, the longer their service life. There is always a temptation to buy safety shoes at a low price, but cheap options most often do not meet the declared characteristics and quickly become unusable.

Our range of work safety shoes
Protective footwear in Ukraine is chosen depending on the specifics of the activity, it will be different for electricians, medical workers or personnel in chemical laboratories.
Assortment and prices on the website:

Rubber safety shoes. It is resistant to petroleum products, electric current, acids, oils. Recommended for electricians, fishermen, construction and agricultural workers. Used in rainy weather, in the autumn-spring seasons.
Demi-season safety shoes of Italian brands with metal and composite toe caps that protect against static loads, mechanical stress, impacts, oil products and other contaminants.

Insulated leather safety shoes with hydrophobic impregnation and faux fur lining.

Heat resistant safety boots with a Kevlar insole are designed to work with high temperatures. Maintain surface temperature from -20 °C to +300 °C. They have protection level S3 HRO SRC.
Work shoes for the food industry, research institutes, healthcare professionals, cleaning and HoReCa. Lightweight, breathable boots that allow you to spend many hours on your feet without being distracted by discomfort.

You can buy high quality work safety shoes in Ukraine in our PromSIZ online store. The catalog contains a wide range of protective footwear at a pleasant price, which is suitable for the warm and cold seasons and is designed for work of any specifics. A variety of shapes and styles will allow you to choose safety shoes that will suit each employee and will sit well on the foot.

You can buy safety shoes through the online store wholesale and retail. If you are not sure which shoes are best to buy for work, our managers will help you choose the most suitable option and provide free professional advice!