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Warning tags and labels
Taking care of the safety of personnel in industrial enterprises is the main task of the employer. While workers are carrying out repairs or maintenance, it is important that machinery remains switched off. To avoid unexpected power supply and alert workers to hazardous areas, a Loto marking/blocking system, one of the components of which are special identification plates and labels.

The main task of plastic tags for marking is to act as the main source of information about the work being done. The tags indicate the period of maintenance, the name and telephone number of the specialist who is responsible for the work site. Also, if necessary, any additional data can be applied to the labels - special fields are provided for this.

For the same purpose, bright and intuitive identification plates of different colors are used, on which data about the blocked energy sources and the possible dangers associated with them are already applied.
Advantages and characteristics of marking tags

The dense material from which labels are made (it can be high-strength cardboard or propylene) is resistant to chemical attack, and therefore suitable for use in rooms with an aggressive environment, and is also protected from ultra-high and very low temperatures.
The warning text on marking labels and labels is applied in a special way, through injection, so even in a humid environment it remains bright for a long time, does not rub off and does not lose readability.
The material allows you to sign the tags many times with a pen or marker, and erase the text.
Warning labels are clear and large.
Durable material prevents marking tags from tearing.
All signs are very easy to attach to any piece of equipment.

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The catalog on our website presents different types Master lock labels, which will warn workers that the specified equipment must not be turned on or off, which will help to avoid injuries in the workplace. By calling the numbers indicated on the tags, you can always contact the employee who is responsible for the area where the repair work is being carried out.

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