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Winter and insulated overalls

Severe weather conditions not only cause discomfort to employees and prevent them from fully performing their duties, but can also harm their health. If the staff is not dressed for the weather, frost, strong gusty winds, cold rain adversely affect the results of work. That is why for some areas of activity winter waterproof overalls is a necessary condition for work.

Winter work clothes refers to personal protective equipment. Its task is to protect the worker from severe weather conditions in which it is necessary to work. Most often, winter overalls in Kyiv are bought in bulk by employers to be used as a mandatory work uniform. This helps the staff to maintain health, which, in turn, affects the efficiency and effectiveness of work.

Areas of activity where winter work clothes are needed:

Emergency and rescue services.
Installation and repair work.
Armed forces.
Railroad workers, aviation workers.

But often padded jackets and overalls people acquire for personal purposes. Often these are craftsmen who work for themselves, as well as people who are engaged in hunting or winter fishing. Winter overalls in Ukraine are often purchased by farmers, as well as people who build their own dacha or house, as winter overalls not only protect against the cold, but are also much stronger than an ordinary down jacket.

What to look out for

To buy suitable winter clothing
The specificity of the activity is of great importance. But, in general, from working winter clothes it is expected:

Comfort and lightness, as overalls should not hamper movements and make the worker clumsy.
Best heat retentionto keep staff warm even when working inactive.
Fabric strength to reduce the possibility of tearing, resistance to friction.
Work clothes should be easy to clean and wash.
An important condition is water-repellent impregnation, especially in the conditions of the Ukrainian winter, where snow easily changes to rain.

Composition of winter work clothes

The fabrics from which insulated work clothes are sewn should be dense and light. Mainly:

Raincoat fabric.

As insulating material batting, holofiber, thermally bonded synthetic winterizer can be used, the main thing is that it retains heat well and weighs little. To protect against liquids, a special impregnation is used - its own from water, and its own from oils. Be sure to have strong, reliable fittings, made of plastic that will not burst in the cold, high-quality zippers with wind flaps, regulatory elastic bands that help clothes sit on the figure.

At winter overalls big size grid, so it can be selected for workers of any height and complexion. To work at night, especially near highways and roads, you need inserts made of fabric that reflects light.

Where to buy warm work clothes

In the PromSIZ online store you can buy high-quality winter overalls of our own production. The range includes:

The warmed extended jackets, with protection against water, wind and removable hoods.
Semi-overalls with reflective stripe.
Wadded trousers with protection both from water, and from oils.
Warm water-repellent vests with different types of collars (standing for wind protection or V-shaped).

Before you buy winter work clothes in Ukraine, we recommend getting professional advice! Our experts will answer all your questions and help you choose the right winter clothing for any specific working conditions. Call! ☎ +38(044) 390-40-90