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Heat resistant footwear

Work in many enterprises is associated with serious health risks. To reduce the risk to workers to a minimum and prevent injury, employers must provide personnel with special protective equipment. Heat-resistant safety shoes should protect workers from hypothermia and burns. Leather heat-resistant boots and boots, in addition to fulfilling their main function - ensuring the protection of personnel from injuries and leg injuries, protect workers from high and low temperatures.

For example, it is necessary to buy shoes for a welder to protect against calves and metal splashes. Heat-resistant shoes are particularly resistant to very low and ultra-high temperatures. High-quality safety shoes, such as EXENA, GIASCO heat-resistant leather boots, have a temperature range from -20 to +300°C.

Why you need safety shoes with increased heat resistance

Most often, heat-resistant boots and boots in Kyiv are bought for the following industries:

Ship repair work.



Welding work.


If workers spend a lot of time in the cold, in the snow, or, conversely, are forced to move on hot surfaces, ordinary safety shoes may not provide the necessary protection. Leather heat-resistant boots and shoes are made from special, very durable materials that are not affected by temperatures.

Soles for heat-resistant shoes are made of two-layer polyurethane - a lightweight and flexible material that almost does not deform, and of nitrile rubber with HRO protection. The upper material is preferably made of genuine leather, nitrile rubber or leather with a polyurethane coating, due to which the boots are almost resistant to external influences and last for several years.

High-quality HRO shoes should be tightly fixed on the foot, especially in the instep area, to provide cushioning. It is for this reason that you should not buy cheap thermal shoes, most often they do not correspond to the characteristics in the description and quickly deteriorate.

How to choose and buy heat-resistant shoes

When choosing safety shoes, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the worker's activity, because the necessary protective properties will depend on this. For example, the shoes of a welder, a metallurgist will differ from the shoes that are used in construction or in security activities.

If workers must walk on a hot floor, it matters how long they have to be in contact with it, as not all heat-resistant shoes are designed to come into contact with heated surfaces for more than a minute - regardless of brand.

Shaft height is also of great importance, as not all HRO boots will provide sufficient protection in all working conditions, for some professions it is necessary to buy heat-resistant boots. For example, if workers have to stay in the snow for a long time.

It is worth buying HRO boots in the late afternoon, as during the day the foot can swell and increase by half a size. For the same reason, you cannot buy uncomfortable heat-resistant shoes in the hope that they will break - it is important that the product is immediately comfortable.

In the PromSIZ online store you can buy high-quality HRO shoes from world and domestic brands. The range includes heat-resistant footwear, including welder's boots from Jasko (GIASCO), Exena, as well as other manufacturers. For more accurate information, please contact our specialists, they will help you choose a model that suits your specific request.