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Webbing belts
When working at height, it is necessary to use safety harnesses. This is a special protective equipment that is guaranteed to protect the employee from the risk of falling, allows you to go down / up on vertical planes (for example, along the facade of buildings) and move to the right / left.

Safety belts with straps have a wide range of applications:

They are used for any high-altitude work - roofing, paint and varnish, repair, for wall insulation and window cleaning, in mountain and industrial mountaineering.
When working in narrow spaces and confined spaces - tunnels, pits, wells, where a person cannot safely go down himself.
When evacuating people in emergency situations - in case of fires, collapses, explosions, when it is necessary to provide assistance to a person who cannot get out of a burning or collapsed building on his own due to injury or loss of consciousness.
Harnesses should also be used when descending into tanks and underground areas where there is a possibility of gas accumulation, so that colleagues can lift the worker if he loses consciousness due to lack of oxygen.

The design of safety harnesses with straps
Safety harness belts are produced with shoulder and leg straps, as well as with a belt that tightly wraps around the figure of a person in the chest or chest and waist. The straps can be adjusted, so that they are tightly fixed to the figure of a person, without compromising movement and allowing you to work comfortably. It is necessary to buy a safety belt taking into account the size, since people of different builds cannot use the same protective equipment.

Safety straps are attached to the sling or halyard at one or two attachment points - on the back and on the chest. The fastening elements are located above the center of gravity of the person, so that when he stops in the event of a fall, he hangs in a normal position, head up. Slings and halyards can be included with belts or purchased separately, their type depends on the type of work for which insurance is needed.

If there is a danger of falling from a height, it is necessary to use a lanyard with a shock absorber or a retractor-type safety device, complete with a safety harness, which will protect the spine during a sudden stop during a fall. For work in high temperature conditions - for example, when welding, it is necessary to use a refractory belt, as well as purchase a metal cable, target or refractory sling.
Features and benefits of webbing belts
Safety harnesses are the best type of belay that can be used when working at height:

The design of webbing belts is guaranteed to protect workers from possible falls and allows them to move freely.
The durable material from which they are made, perfectly withstand tensile loads.
Polyamide tape remains strong and elastic in a wide temperature range - from -40 to +50 °C.
Wide straps of strap belts (at least 40 mm) do not crush the body and allow you to work comfortably for many hours.

How to buy a safety belt

When choosing safety harness belts, you cannot save money, it is very important to buy high-quality equipment, since a person’s life will depend on it. You should not buy safety belts in the markets, no matter how the seller praises the product - it is better to contact stores that specialize in personal protective equipment.

The PromSIZ online store presents only the highest quality products that meet all DSTU standards and can guarantee the safety of people who work at heights. Our experts will be able to tell you in detail about each model and help you choose an insurance belt with leg and shoulder straps, taking into account its purpose and size.