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Dermatological PPE and skin protection
In production, workers often deal with harmful and even toxic substances that, penetrating the body through the skin, can cause a number of occupational skin diseases, or simply negatively affect the condition of the skin. To prevent the negative effects of oils, paints, tar, acids, glue, UV rays, metal salts and dust, fats and other aggressive substances, special dermatological skin care products have been developed - creams and pastes that must be used before and after work.

Professional protective creams also protect the face and hands if you have to work in a negative temperature environment, for example, in severe frosts, with wind or in rooms with dry air. Using them is just as important as wearing a safety helmet, goggles or overalls.
Types of dermatological PPE

Special professional creams and pastes, which protect the skin from the influence of negative factors in production, are divided into cleansing, protective and regenerating:
Protective creams applied to clean skin of exposed areas of the body before starting work. For each type of danger, special creams have been developed that protect the skin of personnel from various types of threats. DSIZ in the form of creams for hands, feet, face protect against sunlight, radiation during welding, the occurrence of fungus, and technical pollution.
Cleansing dermatological PPE can be made in the form of a paste, as well as in the form of liquid cleansers without soap. Cleansing pastes are made with or without a solvent. Solvent-free cleansing pastes are excellent at removing hydrophilic contaminants or harmful substances that do not dissolve in water. These are fine metal dust, graphite, various types of oils and fats. Cleansing hand paste with a solvent removes hydrophobic contaminants from the skin - paint, tar, varnishes, etc. In such pastes, abrasives of natural and artificial origin can be used.
Revitalizing pastes and creams used after work, these creams are applied to cleansed skin to restore water and fat balance, moisturize the skin, restore its elasticity, and stimulate regeneration. Restoring regenerating professional creams are used for the skin of the hands, body, face, they normalize the natural Ph balance, slow down aging and improve the protective functions of the skin.
Cleansing pastes do not leave a sticky film on the skin, which irritates many, and regenerating creams are easy to apply and quickly absorbed. After them, overdried skin is moisturized, softened and does not crack.

How to choose and buy DSIZ pastes and creams
Prices for DSIZ depend on the volume of packaging of creams and pastes. In the PromSIZ online store, you can buy dermatological PPE in different types of packages - hard and soft, and with different volumes. If protective, cleansing or regenerating creams and pastes are needed for individual use, you can buy them in small tubes. For production, where many workers are involved, it is better to buy DSIZ pastes and creams in packages of 1000-2000 ml, it is much cheaper and more profitable.

Our managers will tell you about the types of creams and pastes presented in the catalog on the site, they will recommend the most suitable option that will provide the best protection for the skin and will suit the price. Also on the site you can purchase special dispensers that make the consumption of DSIZ efficient and economical, and also have protection against theft.