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Gas welder's glasses
Specialists who carry out welding work spend many hours in masks or gas welder glasses. Therefore, not only quality, but also the design of the model are of great importance. Gas and electric welders need to provide maximum protection, and special goggles that protect the eyes, eyelids and face skin are a necessary and very important element of work equipment. Eye PPE for welders protects against the following adverse factors:

Welding works put a huge strain on the eyes due to bright light, as well as infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
The high temperatures that accompany welding work also pose a danger to the eyes.
Industrial dust, small solid fragments, pieces of slag, splashes and drops of hot metal.

When to Buy Gas Welding Glasses
Mandatory eye protection is needed not only for the person who directly carries out welding work, but also for his employees and assistants working nearby. They need models with lighter filters that protect not only from direct radiation, but also from that which is reflected from walls and metal surfaces of equipment.

For welding of different power, different lens shading is required, for gas cutting and auxiliary work, protection with a weak shading can be used. If a specialist has to periodically change the radiation intensity, then it is convenient to use folding or round models with replaceable light filters.
Our range of gas welding goggles
The PromSIZ catalog contains various types of gas welding goggles from the brands TRIARMA, STARLINE, ELVEX, ROSOMZ, which are suitable for work in any conditions:

Open welder's goggles with temples or an elastic band tightly around the head. Durable lenses made of mineral glass or polycarbonate are protected from abrasion, do not scratch.
Open welder goggles cover the front and sides of the eyes, and some also cover the brow area. Do not fog up, give a wide view. Most often used for auxiliary work.
Closed models fit snugly to the face and provide more serious protection by closing the eyes from all sides. To prevent fogging of the glass, special coatings and indirect ventilation are used. The viewing angle depends on the design, the models in the form of a mask have a wide view, the round glasses of the gas welder have a narrower view.
Sealed goggles with a wide viewing angle provide maximum protection. They are without ventilation, but a special coating on the glasses prevents fogging of the lenses. The size and design allows you to put them on top of corrective glasses.
The visor goggles of the gas welder are not fixed with temples, but are fixed on a protective headgear. They are easy to pick up when welding is finished.

Glasses for welding goggles are very durable, with a special coating that prevents scratches and abrasions, protects the eyes and eyelids from any small objects, splashes and sparks. Modern goggles are made from lightweight materials, so you can wear them for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Lenses can have different degrees of darkening - to protect against negative influences of varying intensity.
Buy gas welding goggles in Kyiv
To select the best eye protection, you need to know the degree of welding power with which the employee will work, the potential hazards that he will encounter in the process. If you are not sure what type of gas cutter glasses to buy for your company, PromSIZ specialists will tell you how to choose the best protection option.

Prices for gas welding goggles are low, and depend on the manufacturer, type of product and the materials from which they are made. It is not recommended to save on this remedy, since the eyes are a very vulnerable organ, it is easy to damage it and extremely difficult to cure. Therefore, it is the direct responsibility of the employer to buy high-quality and durable welding goggles.