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Workwear - Protection against chemical influences
Modern production almost always involves the use of chemicals that cannot be interacted with without special protection. To protect workers from the danger of chemical burns, it is necessary to provide them with special work suits. It is the direct responsibility of the employer to ensure high-quality and effective protection of personnel, because not only the health of employees, but also the overall level of productivity depends on this.

In the catalog of the PromSIZ online store you can find inexpensive work suits that provide high-quality protection against chemical influences of varying degrees of aggressiveness, from solutions and aerosols of acids, organic solvents, petroleum products, poisonous substances, etc. Such work suits are in demand in various fields of activity - from chemical plants to transportation, therefore they have many varieties - depending on the application.
Types of protective suits
Work suits, which give protection from the harmful effects of chemicals, are divided into two main types - insulating and filtering. They are used for different types of tasks: durable insulating suits made of one-piece trousers with stockings and a jacket with a hood - for disinfection, degassing, and filtering suits are suitable for work in laboratories.

Insulating chemical clothing must be sealed so as not to let air and liquids into the body, in which there are substances that can harm a person. It is this protection that is most effective and is therefore used when the concentration of harmful chemicals is high, such as in case of accidents, serious gas leaks, etc. Most often, such suits are made of rubberized fabric, which completely blocks access to the body for acids and other dangerous substances. Insulating suits can be used in a wide temperature range, they are suitable for work in the cold.
Chemical filter suits they are sewn from thinner cotton fabrics, for example, from lavsan, which allow air to pass through and allow the body to breathe. Such clothing does not provide complete protection against harmful substances, but significantly reduces their concentration and effect on the skin, and at the same time does not limit the mobility of personnel.

How to buy clothing to protect against the harmful effects of chemicals
The type of suit depends on the specifics of production, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to find out what dangers the employees of the enterprise will face - and based on this, determine the required degree of protection. If you are not sure about the choice, then call us by phone, and managers PromSIZ company free advice on the types of suits for protection against aggressive chemical influences, as well as help to choose the right size.
Our experts will tell you what additional protective equipment may be needed, since in addition to suits for protection against hazardous chemical influences, in production with an aggressive chemical environment, it is necessary to use special work shoes, protective ointments, gloves, masks, goggles and respirators. It is important to apply precautionary measures in a complex, only then they fully perform their functions.
All means of protection against the negative effects of chemicals, which are presented in our catalog, are made of very durable, high-quality and wear-resistant materials. Protective suits will serve for a long time and are guaranteed to keep the health of your company's personnel.