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Fall protection equipment
According to statistics, work at heights is considered one of the most dangerous activities, since falls from a height most often end in death. To protect workers and prevent tragedy, there are personal fall protection equipment. You can’t do without them in the construction areas:

in industrial mountaineering
in the repair of buildings and structures
when washing glass in multi-storey buildings
maintenance of power lines
inspection of wells, etc.

PPE against falls from a height saves people's life and health when performing work at height, protects against falling or reduces the dynamic load in case of a fall. This type of insurance begins to be used if there is a danger of falling from a height of 1.3 meters, and also if work is carried out closer than 2 meters from the edge at such a height in the absence of a fence. Also, safety protective equipment must be used if work is carried out at a height of less than 1.3 meters, but above water, working machines, uneven surfaces.

Rescue work also involves the use of professional fall protection and fall arrest equipment. They are also bought for leisure activities, for example, for tourism, they are necessary for sports climbers and speleologists.
Types of fall protection products
Our catalog contains a wide range of PPE devices and accessories used when working at height:

Stationary belay systems.
Evacuation systems, descenders, winches, climbing clamps, suspension seats and cords.
Safety belts with straps and strapless, which insure when falling, when descending, or keep a person from getting into an unsafe area.
Anchor devices, which include anchor fastenings - these are hooks, brackets, fixing beams, as well as mobile systems of horizontal and vertical insurance on a steel cable or rope.
Carabiners of different types.
Safety slings, single and double, from various materials - from a cord, from a chain, from a rope, etc., including refractory.
Retractable fall arrest devicessuitable for heavy duty work. They insure workers when performing work at height, when descending into confined spaces such as pits, wells or tunnels.
Accessories - transport backpacks for carrying protective equipment of various types and sizes.

How to choose PPE against falls from a height in Ukraine
The life and health of people who work at heights directly depend on the quality and level of personal protective equipment, so this type of protection cannot be saved. All types of PPE against falls from a height, which can be bought in the PromSIZ online store, are certified and tested, therefore they have a quality guarantee and are very effective.

The features of fall arrest and fall protection equipment vary by application, so it is important to choose insurance that is fully suited to the specific type of work. Protective equipment can be used separately or combined into a system, which expands the scope of their application. They must be chosen, paying attention not only to the safety characteristics of protection, but also to size and convenience, since people carrying out dangerous work must remain maneuverable and feel comfortable in safety equipment.

Call us, and the specialists of the PromSIZ online store will explain in which cases you need means to protect and prevent falls from a height, and also tell you what kind of PPE you need to buy in order to guarantee the safety of your company's employees.