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Protective caps

A helmet is a lightweight protective helmet for workers that protects the head from impacts against stationary objects. Shaped like a baseball cap, it only protects the top of the head and is not used in areas where there is a risk of being hit by falling objects or moving objects.

Caps are designed for those situations in which a helmet is not mandatory, but there is still a risk of minor head injuries. And thanks to the visor, the helmet additionally provides protection from rain and ultraviolet rays.

Where can a helmet be used?

This means of protection is actively used in such areas of activity as:


Installation work.

Repair work.

Car service.

Men at work.


It is important to remember that helmets do not function as a durable protective helmet! They are useful in narrow spaces, indoors where you can hit stationary protruding objects, but they should not be worn where there is a risk of heavy objects (bricks, pipes) or sharp objects such as boards with nails falling on your head.

The main features of protective caps

In fact, a cap is a baseball cap with a visor and a durable body. The case consists of an upper part, which is made of water-repellent synthetic textiles, and an inner part - equipment. This is a plastic frame, under which there is a shock absorber in the form of a polyurethane layer.

The cap is easy to use and easy to care for. The outer part can be brushed or machine washed. This type of head protection is easily combined with other protective equipment, it can be worn with headphones, glasses, shields. The main thing is to carefully inspect it before each sock, as even minor damage can make protection ineffective.

In hot weather, the head does not overheat thanks to the ventilation holes, and a special band over the forehead protects the wearer from sweat. And for work in winter and autumn, you can buy insulated protective caps.

It is very important to choose the correct size of a protective baseball cap. It should tightly wrap around the head, but not put pressure on the parietal zone, where the shock absorber is located. Products are produced from 56 to 62 sizes, and a better fixation on the head is provided by a special clasp in the back, which is made like a clasp on a baseball cap. Because of it, the protection will not fall off the head if you have to work in a non-vertical position.

Due to the wide color range, the protective helmet can be purchased in the color that suits your corporate style best. And for night work or work in poorly lit industrial or warehouse premises, you can use options with a reflector.

The main advantages of protective helmets

Perfectly protects against impacts of light and medium severity on stationary objects, protruding parts of equipment.

Convenient dimensional grid, reliable fixation on the head.

Three lengths of the visor - 25-54-70 mm.

A wide color palette is suitable for any corporate style, it is possible to apply a logo.

In the heat, it does not allow overheating due to ventilation, and for cold weather, you can buy winter insulated helmets.

Easy to care for.

Where to buy a protective helmet at the best price

In the PromSIZ online store you can buy protective caps in black, blue, green and other colors. If you wish, you can choose a protective helmet from the photo, or contact our specialists who will tell you which option is better to choose for a particular type of activity.

Protective helmets are an innovative means of protection, they are light, convenient, comfortable, and can be produced with a company logo. The case perfectly holds moderate impacts on stationary objects, and the visor protects the eyes from precipitation or bright sunlight.