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Personal protective equipment (PPE) head and face

Most industrial occupations are associated with serious risks to health and life. One of the most common and dangerous injuries at work is head trauma, which can lead to disability or death. To protect yourself from accidents and save lives, you must use special face and head protection.

Compliance with safety instructions is not empty bureaucratic delays. According to statistics, most of the victims were without personal protective equipment for the head. Every year, PPE saves the lives and health of tens of thousands of people. With the help of helmets and shields, burns to the face, neck injuries, loss of vision, concussion and other injuries can be avoided.

What are personal protective equipment for the head and face

There are different types of protective equipment that are used to prevent injuries at work. Head and face PPE can be used individually or as a set, for example, a regular helmet can be equipped with a visor, goggles and even headphones for working at elevated noise levels. The level of comfort of helmets and visors when wearing depends on the quality of the internal equipment that provides shock absorption, on the convenience of adjusting the size, on weight, etc.

Protective equipment for the head and face is chosen, taking into account the scope of the personnel:

For work on construction sites, durable helmets are used, the task of which is to protect workers from heavy objects that can fall from above.
Protective shields are required if it is necessary to prevent dust, splinters, splashes and small objects from entering the eyes.
To protect the eyes from sparks and hot metal splashes, radiation during welding, you need to buy special face protection for welding (masks and shields).

Choosing a protective helmet

Helmets differ among themselves in the material of the body, the material of the internal equipment, the size adjustment device and the color.

Construction safety helmet body materials:

Polyamide is a very durable synthetic material. Excellent protection against metal splashes, chemicals, sparks.
ABS plastic is a heat-resistant plastic with high impact resistance. It is applied to protection against oils, alkalis, acids, and also sunshine.
Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) - heat-resistant, rigid, impact-resistant.
High pressure polyethylene (LDPE) is a fairly elastic material that is resistant to impacts and low temperatures.
Monolithic polycarbonate is a very durable transparent plastic with protection from sunlight.

The internal equipment is responsible for fixing the helmet on the head and distributing energy upon impact. The tooling material can be plastic or textile tape. The equipment has fasteners (4, 6 or 8) with which it is attached to the body. The degree of distribution of the impact force depends on the number of mounts, the more there are, the better the distribution.

Choice of helmet color allows you to visually separate employees by position. But this is not a prerequisite. For example:

White helmets may be worn by the guide. These are the heads of sections, technical security specialists.
Red protective helmets are worn by masters, chief mechanics, foremen, engineers.
Orange and yellow helmets are intended for junior service personnel, auxiliary workers.

Protective helmet

Casket is a textile cap with a visor and an internal damper pad. It provides protection for the head when hitting hard objects. Caskets do not provide protection against strong impacts and falling objects!

Choice of protective shields

The price of personal protective equipment for the head depends on the characteristic features - for example, on the material of the face shields. When choosing shields for protection against various hazards, shields are used according to the type of safety from:

Small hard pieces.
Chemical substances.
Metal spatter.
Light influences and radiations.

There are also a wide range of shields that provide face protection against all of the above threats.

Their strength and degree of transparency depend on the scope of protection shields.

How to choose face and head PPE

The PromSIZ online store presents head and face PPE that will ensure safety in any type of industrial work. To choose the right type of protection, you first need to decide on two main points - the price range and scope of PPE. It is very important to know exactly what type of threats personnel can expect in the course of their work. In a word - to identify the risks in production, from which protection is needed.

Most often, personal protective equipment for the face and head is purchased in bulk for production by employers who know exactly what type of shields and helmets are needed. But if you are not sure what kind of protection is required in your particular case, call our specialists and they will help you choose the right PPE based on your specific activity.

Face protection equipment, which can be purchased in the PromSIZ online store, meets all safety standards. Thanks to this, they will help protect personnel from any industrial damage, preserving their health and life.