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Demi-season footwear
Modern work shoes are stylish and comfortable work equipment. Demi-season safety shoes not only guarantee the safety and protection of the personnel from foot injuries, but also provide comfort throughout the working day - even if you have to spend many hours on your feet. The performance of the staff directly depends on the quality of working safety shoes, so it is important to choose safety shoes not only by technical characteristics.

In the PromSIZ online store you can buy suede and leather boots, low shoes and sandals that are suitable for any field of activity. High-quality Italian and Ukrainian work shoes meet all international standards, and a variety of models will allow you to choose the perfect option for any foot shape.

Where are work shoes used?

If during work there is a risk of injury to the legs, safety shoes become a necessary part of the equipment. Demi-season sandals and boots of Jasko and Exena brands in Ukraine are most often used:

In medical institutions.

In chemical laboratories, at chemical enterprises.

In catering.

For work in industrial shops, in warehouses.

In military and security activities.

At construction sites.

For loading work.

Characteristics that high-quality safety shoes must meet

Work leather sandals and boots must meet three main criteria:

Ensure the safety of workers. That is, protect the legs from any industrial injuries, as well as protect them from the harmful effects of chemicals, acids and other harmful substances. The sole should be strong enough to protect the feet from punctures, while not slipping, to absorb impact in the heel area, to protect from gasoline, oil, electric current. A metal or composite toe cap will protect your feet from impacts.

Working demi-season safety shoes should be comfortable, suitable for indoor and outdoor work. It is important that the safety shoes do not get wet, but at the same time the feet can breathe and not sweat. To work in warmth, it is better to use leather sandals - the PromSIZ catalog contains models in different styles and from various materials.

The service life of safety shoes is of great importance. It is important that it is made of quality material that will be easy to clean and last a long time. The price of Giasco and Exena Italian work shoes corresponds to their high quality, and having bought good safety shoes once, you can wear them for more than one year - unlike cheap analogues that deteriorate quickly and do not provide a sufficient level of protection.

How to buy demi-season work shoes

When buying working safety shoes, it is best to try them on in the evening, in the afternoon, when the foot swells. Or it is recommended to buy work boots half a size larger. Most often, the task of providing personnel with protection is faced by employers who buy safety shoes in bulk.

Also, people often buy working safety shoes for themselves, for personal use - they are light, comfortable, look great and protect the owner's feet from bumps. Water-repellent impregnation does not allow the boots to get wet even in heavy rain. Therefore, demi-season safety shoes are suitable even for tourists.

The assortment of the PromSIZ online store includes leather sandals, boots and low shoes Giasco and Exena (Italy), as well as high-quality working footwear made in Ukraine. In the catalog on the site you can see the photo and price of men's and women's demi-season shoes, all the characteristics, the purpose of the shoes, the material of the upper and sole are also indicated there. If you have any questions, the managers of our online store will answer them in detail.