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The reason for the emergence of special work clothes was the need to protect personnel from the risks associated with the specifics of work activities. Workwear is designed to take into account all the threats and dangers that you may encounter while working in the enterprise, in industry, in construction, in medicine, during logging and in other areas. Work clothes should be durable, comfortable, practical and look good at the same time.

In Ukraine, workwear has long been associated with unsightly shapeless robes, but modern workwear is very different from this stereotype. It is bright, light, presentable, and can perform not only its direct functions - to protect personnel from danger in the workplace, but also become a fashionable comfortable uniform and an element of corporate style.

The main types of threats that work clothing protects against

In addition to basic hazards, such as impacts, pollution, mechanical impacts, protective uniforms protect against:

Very high, or vice versa - low temperatures.
Liquids (water, acids, oils, alkalis).
Electric current.
Dust, small fragments.
Splashes of hot metal, sparks.

In addition, often the task of work clothes is to be bright and noticeable. For this purpose, fabrics of bright colors are used for daytime work, and reflective stripes for work at night, especially near roads.

Statistics show that a person in uniform inspires more trust and respect among customers, seems more professional than the same specialist, but dressed in ordinary clothes. Especially when it comes to professional advice or sales.

Ttypes and purpose of working protective clothing

Workwear in Ukraine differs in terms of what threats it protects against and what part of the body it is intended for. Not for every type of activity you need to purchase a whole set. The main types of protective uniforms:

Means for protecting the head and face, these include construction helmets, caps, face shields, goggles, headphones.
Foot protection - special shoes.
Protective clothing - jackets, overalls, suits, vests, trousers, thermal underwear.
Hand protection - gloves.

For each season, you need to buy your own type of overalls:

In winter, insulated protective clothing is needed, which can withstand temperatures down to minus 20C, protects from wind and does not get wet.
For summer - a uniform with good thermoregulation, ventilation, which will allow workers not to overheat, but will qualitatively protect them from possible risks.
For autumn and spring, you need to buy overalls that will protect from rain, will be well washed from dirt, endure many cleanings and will not lose their shape and their protective qualities.

Where to buy overalls in Ukraine

Most often, buying overalls is the task of an employer who purchases overalls in bulk for a large number of employees. But workwear is also sold at retail, as hunters, fishermen, people involved in agriculture, and farmers often take it for themselves.

The price of overalls in Ukraine depends on the types of threats at the enterprise, material and brands. It is not necessary to try to buy imported overalls, modern Ukrainian manufacturers produce very high-quality products that meet all international standards - both in quality and in appearance.

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