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Personal respiratory protection
Devastating effects from inhalation of harmful substances, dust, fumes, etc. at work may not be as obvious as the danger of injury to the head, eyes or limbs. Sometimes negative consequences do not appear immediately, but after months or even years. Sometimes, only after retiring, a person realizes that his health is destroyed, because during work he did not use personal respiratory protection equipment.

It is not always possible to determine the source of the hazard from which protection is needed - some gases are odorless, and the worker may not suspect that he is breathing poisoned air, and microscopic dust that is not even visible remains in the lungs and causes chronic health problems. Therefore, the use of special means for personal respiratory protection is not a whim and not an attempt to play it safe, but a necessary device that helps to avoid damage to the health of the throat and lungs when interacting with an aggressive environment.

Main types of threats, which people may encounter during work, and from which special protection is needed:

Welding soot.
Dust (concrete, wood).
Various vapors (mercury, paint and varnish).

For each harmful or poisonous substance, a special type of protection has been developed, without which it is impossible to work.
The device of personal means for respiratory protection
According to their purpose, protective equipment can be filtering or insulating, and they apply in different cases:

The filter media include disposable and reusable respirators with a filter, with a valve and without a valve, as well as half masks and gas masks. They can be used if work is carried out in rooms with a low concentration of harmful substances and a normal level of oxygen in the air (from 18% and above). The main types of threats are steam, gas, dust. Not used in narrow confined spaces (tanks, wells, containers, etc.) if the level of air pollution is unknown. This type of respiratory protection purifies the air by passing it through special filters.

Isolating respiratory protective equipment - Full-face protective masks and gas masks are used if the air is very polluted, or when the level of oxygen in the air is low. In this case, the worker inhales not purified air from a contaminated room, but an air mixture that is supplied through hoses from blowers, compressors or from a liquefied oxygen cylinder or a regeneration cartridge.

Isolating protective equipment can restrict movement, hearing, narrow the angle of vision, so they are recommended to be used only by specially trained workers.
How to decide which personal respiratory protection equipment to choose
the main task - choose the right type of protective device, and for this you need to determine what kind of risks you will have to face when working:

Type of danger, degree of impact.
Chemical and physical properties of the source of air pollution.
The level of dispersion of a harmful substance, the real and permissible limit of its concentration in the air.
The time limit of being in a polluted environment.
The type of work performed, the degree of physical activity of workers.
The conditions in which work is carried out, possible restrictions on movement, the required level of staff mobility.

Based on these data, you can choose means to protect the lungs and throat with the necessary functionality and protective capabilities. If you are in doubt about the choice, the specialists of the PromSIZ online store will tell you which type of protection you should buy, taking into account your type of activity, and will also help you choose the most suitable model at the best price.