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Hearing protection
Thanks to modern technologies, work in production is no longer as traumatic and harmful to personnel as it used to be, but some negative impacts cannot yet be overcome. One of these factors is the increased noise level. It aggressively affects human health and is difficult to correct.

The incessant rumble of working machines, the noise of welding not only increase the level of general fatigue, but also harm the work of the nervous system of workers, negatively affect digestion and cardiac activity of the body. Workers who spend long periods of time in noisy workplaces without proper hearing protection develop occupational diseases that can lead to partial hearing loss. Therefore, the task of employers is to provide personnel with personal noise protection equipment and prevent problems.
How Hearing PPE Works
If the noise level at work is higher than 80 dB, and there is no way to isolate the noise source, it is necessary to use hearing protection, otherwise negative consequences cannot be avoided. Their purpose is to block the auditory canal, which is extremely sensitive to noise, and protect workers from the harmful effects of too loud sounds. Depending on the structure, hearing PPE is divided into earmuffs and earmuffs.
In the PromSIZ online store you can buy a variety of hearing protection products from brands such as MOLDEX, STARLINE, TRIARMA, ROSOMZ:

Reusable and disposable anti-noise inserts on an adjustable cord that reduce the sound level by 22-33 dB, depending on the type. They fit snugly and fit easily into the ears. Reusable inserts are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.
Headphones with vertical or folding headband are external antiphons. Thanks to the soft material, they do not put pressure on the ears, so workers can wear them for a long time without feeling discomfort. Completely cover the auricle.
Headphones with helmet mount or with an occipital arch. Such hearing protection must be purchased in cases where the employee has to combine them with head protection. They can suppress noise completely or selectively, leaving the worker with the ability to distinguish between voice commands, danger signals.
reusable anti-noise inserts on the headband, light and comfortable, protect your hearing and reduce noise by 22-27 dB.
Disposable earplugs in soft polyurethane, extruded polypropylene or foamed polypropylene in bright, stylish colors. They reduce the noise level by 32-36 dB and do not cause discomfort. This is not only hearing protection, but also a comfortable, pleasant to wear accessory. The catalog contains different sizes.

How to choose and buy suitable hearing PPE at the best prices in Ukraine
All types of antiphons are recommended to be worn constantly, without taking them off, since their effectiveness is sharply reduced if workers open their ears for at least a few minutes to rest or talk with colleagues. To ensure the protection of health, personnel must use Hearing PPE until the noise level drops to normal.

Different types of work use their own special personal hearing protection against noise, which should not only be acoustically effective, but also comfortable. As practice shows, if you buy uncomfortable PPE for production, they cause pain while wearing, and workers begin to neglect them.

In our catalog you can see photos of various hearing aids and read their descriptions. If you have any questions, the consultants of the company PromSIZ They will give a free consultation and help you choose the most suitable headphones or earplugs for hearing protection, as well as tell you how to properly store and clean them. All PPE of the hearing organs comply with GOST and are guaranteed to provide the level of protection that is described in the instructions.