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Skin protection products (Dermatological PPE) (1)

Respiratory protection (87)

Hearing protection (27)

Fall protection equipment (296)

Hand protection (83)

Fire safety equipment (21)

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About brand PromSIZ (PromSIZ)

Brand PromSIZ (PromSIZ) - high-quality personal protective equipment in Ukraine.

We specialize on the import of personal protective equipment, high-altitude mounting equipment, work safety shoes, branded overalls from leading world brands. Our company is engaged in testing high-altitude mounting equipment, implementing the LOTO marking and blocking system, as well as designing and installing stationary fall arrest systems designed to protect against falls from a height.

The main task of our company – ensure the safety and comfort of people in the workplace with the help of professional personal protective equipment that will neutralize work risks and reduce harmful effects on health.


  • Quality. Our catalog contains personal protective equipment and accessories that meet the most stringent requirements and meet international standards.
  • Range. The PromSIZ catalog contains a complete and up-to-date set of personal protective equipment, branded overalls for any season, modern safety shoes, which is regularly updated with new products.
  • Years of experience. For 24 years, we have become professionals in our field and one of the leaders in the Ukrainian field of personal protective equipment.
  • Price. We treat our customers with respect and do not increase prices by adding additional costs to them. Due to this, the cost of products on our website is lower than that of other companies.
  • Delivery. For the convenience of our customers, we cooperate with the most efficient delivery services in Ukraine. Thanks to this, our customers receive their orders in the shortest possible time.
  • Ease of purchase. You can place an order on our website or call us by phone, and our specialists will give a free consultation and help complete the order.

We supply both specialized and traditional PPE for workers in various industries: construction, metalworking, trade, energy, medical, coal, oil, gas, chemical, etc.

In our assortment more than 2000 items industrial PPE and related components:

  • Corporate uniforms and overalls for any season.
  • Work safety shoes.
  • Means of protection of respiratory organs.
  • Dermatological protection products for hands and skin.
  • All elements of the LOTO blocking/marking system.
  • Personal protective equipment for the face, head, hearing and eyes, etc.

Our range is formed taking into account the wishes of customers and official requirements for personal protective equipment, and is constantly updated with the latest developments in the field of protecting the health and life of personnel.


On our website you can wholesale and retail buy premium workwear and uniforms in a wide dimensional grid, as well as high-quality budget options. We provide a unique flexible service that allows for an individual approach to all clients.

Our managers will give a recommendation on what personal protective equipment is needed at your enterprise, taking into account your preferences, the specifics of your activity and the strict requirements of international standards and labor protection regulations.

Modern stylish means used for personal protection make it possible to create comfortable working conditions for employees of any enterprise, protect the life, health and labor potential of employees from the effects of an aggressive environment and adverse production factors.

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