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Means of protection against electric current
Ensuring the safety of personnel in the workplace is one of the most important tasks for employers, especially when it comes to work with electric currentwhich kills tens of thousands of people every year. In order to avoid accidents, it is possible to work in existing electrical installations only using means of protection against electric current. And, of course, safety precautions must be observed, since the main causes of electrical injuries are ignoring safety precautions.

PPE against electric shock includes devices and devices that either completely protect the worker from a possible electric shock, or provide additional protection. Protection against electric current is necessary not only for electricians, but also for those workers who may encounter live structures, for example, during construction or repair.

Dielectric means of protection against electric current it is important not only to operate correctly, but also to store in accordance with strict standards, which are described in the instructions. You can not miss the deadline for mandatory tests. If the product is expired or has any damage to the body, pollution, then there is no longer a guarantee of protection against electric shocks.
Types of PPE from current
The catalog of the online store PromSIZ presents a wide range of means for protection against electric shock, which can be purchased at the most affordable prices:

Voltage indicators - one of the most important PPE against electric shock, which show the presence or absence of electric current in the conductor. Convenient portable devices that are used when checking the health of electrical installations, looking for damage, etc.
Dielectric rubber mats 750 by 750 mm and 500 by 500 mm in size, and 6 mm thick, can be used when working with any voltage level, both in closed electrical installations and in open ones - if the weather is dry outside. This is an additional PPE against current, which has saved many lives. Rubber mats are easy to fold and carry. Suitable for work only in dry rooms!
Rubber and latex dielectric gloves for working with current-carrying wires and metal structures under voltage. Gloves for an electrician can be suture and seamless, they withstand temperature fluctuations from +40 to -40 ° C and can protect against electrical voltage up to 7500 V.
Universal operating rods are used for voltage detection, switching on and off of disconnectors, replacement of fuses, installation of tubular surge arresters, etc.
Dielectric boots and galoshes - shoe models that are an alternative to a rubber mat. They protect against step voltage, isolating a person from the ground, floor. They differ from each other not only in height, but also in the scope. Boots are used in installations with voltages from 1000 to 2000 V, and galoshes - only up to 1000 V.

Portable grounding These are personal protective equipment against current, which are used when working on current-carrying areas with the voltage turned off. PZP insure against possible unauthorized supply of current.

How to buy current protection equipment in Ukraine
In the online store PromSIZ you can buy dielectric gloves, boots, voltage indicators and other necessary protective equipment against electric current that meet all specifications and have passed mandatory tests.

Give us a call, and PromSIZ specialists will tell you what kind of PPE against electric current you need to buy in order to protect your company's personnel from electric shock. Also, if necessary, they will consult free of charge, what other individual protection means and accessories may be needed to ensure the safety and life of workers.