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Overalls - Headwear
In work equipment, serious attention is paid to headgear, which can protect the head and neck of workers from wind, rain, cold or overheating, as well as protect them from industrial pollution. In working conditions, head protection is a must, especially if workers have to spend a lot of time outdoors during the cold season.

Working hats are overalls, so they are sewn from high-quality and durable materials that are harmless, pleasant to the touch, do not cause allergies and are easy to clean. Fabrics can be natural or mixed, with the addition of synthetic fibers, which increase the wear resistance of the working headgear.
Where are protective hats used?
The scope of application is very wide, since it is necessary to protect the head not only during work - athletes and outdoor enthusiasts use special tools. And in production, in construction, protective hats are a direct necessity, they not only protect personnel from injuries, but also provide comfort, which affects the effectiveness of work.

The type of working headgear depends on the area of application and the season. To protect against sunlight or rain, baseball caps are used as overalls for:

Machine operators.

Balaclavas of various types are worn:

Snowboarders and skiers.
Repair service workers.

Balaclavas are great for hunters, fishermen, as well as for miners, rescuers and other professions who have to wear helmets.
Our range of work hats
In the catalog of the online store PromSIZ you will find overalls and hats that are suitable for different types of activities:

Balaclavas insulated and non-insulated. Comfortable summer and winter working hats that cover not only the head, but also the neck from cold and wind, and also do not allow raindrops to flow under the collar.
Knitted balaclava balaclavas are soft knitted protective hats that cover the head and face.
Knitted knitted work caps - double, made of soft materials that can withstand any frost.
Velcro caps in different colors are classic work baseball caps with a durable curved peak and adjustable size. The cap has a polyester lining to wick sweat away.

Balaclavas are used as a welder's headgear, which is worn under a helmet. They are indispensable in strong winds or rain, and special insulated options are designed for winter, since plastic helmets are not able to protect from the cold.

Balaclavas are sewn mainly from the material "Diagonal" - this is a durable blended fabric that perfectly passes air, lasts a long time, and is hypoallergenic. Balaclavas are tied in front with a strap and buckle, fit snugly to the face and not only provide thermoregulation, but also protect the ears from loud sounds.
Buy protective hats in Kyiv
In the PromSIZ catalog you can find descriptions and photos of working headgear - caps, baseball caps, balaclavas and hats that are suitable for any season. If necessary, our managers will answer all questions and give professional advice on choosing the right working headgear and other types of workwear.

The main purpose of workwear is to protect the worker and provide him with the necessary comfort. High-quality protective uniforms not only help to comply with mandatory safety precautions, but also improve the reputation of the employer. In the PromSIZ online store you can buy working protective gear at affordable prices and of the highest quality.