Development and implementation of insurance systems when working at height

We are experts in the development of projects to ensure safety when working at height, as well as manufacturers of PPE against falls from a height.

     our clients — leading companies and enterprises of Ukraine.

     Our partners — the best European companies producing fall protection devices and systems Capital Safety Group (USA, France), Ikar (Germany), Protekt (Poland).

What equipment to choose when performing welding and hot work?

What safety equipment to use when moving on metal structures? How to organize work on flat or pitched roofs, and most importantly with what? Under what conditions to use this or that equipment?

When you start planning work at height, you will have these and many other questions - questions for which we have answers and ready-made solutions!

Our safety systems, as well as a wide range of high-altitude assembly equipment, guarantee complete safety when working at height, no matter how difficult the conditions you work!

Through a combination of expertise and practical experience, we can help you reduce risk and increase safety when working at height.

  • — supply of equipment
  • – free consultations
  • - departure of specialists to the object
  • — risk assessment
  • — project implementation
  • – installation and maintenance
  • – inspection
  • - repair

How it works?

  • – departure of our specialist and assessment of the risks of falling at your enterprise;
  • — development of a pre-project report with a list of fall protection solutions;
  • — visualization and presentation of proposed solutions;
  • — development of a technical project;
  • - development of a plan for the production of works at height (PPR);
  • - development of a rescue and evacuation plan;
  • - supply and installation of the system.

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