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Padlocks for security interlocking
The LOTO procedure is the most reliable way to protect personnel from injury that can result from unexpected activation of equipment or electrical current. It is used in metallurgical, food and many other industrial areas - wherever personnel deal with equipment.

The most important element of the LOTO system are padlocks that close the power source or locking device. They are suitable for blocking both mechanical and electrical devices. The padlock shackle can block one or several switches at once.

One or two keys can go to the device. Reliable MasterLock padlocks with 5-6-pin mechanisms are protected from possible duplicates and, depending on the type, have more than 10-40 thousand combinations of keys.
In the online store PromSIZ you can buy padlocks of various types:

Padlocks MasterLock with a body made of light and durable plasticprotected from electric current, corrosion, temperature extremes and UV rays. The bow has a dielectric coating of nylon.
With lacquered steel body. Very durable body material, withstands heavy loads. Three shackle length options. Available in different colors: red, blue, black, white, yellow and green.
With steel body and cable shackle. Thanks to a flexible steel shackle, they are able to fix several automatic locking devices at once, if they are located in a row. A wide color range makes it easy to identify constipation even without laser marking - such locks are available in red, black, white, yellow, green and blue cases.
Padlocks Master Lock with aluminum caseresistant to corrosion, mechanical and chemical influences. Wide color palette. Aluminum locks are very popular as they are lightweight and practical.
With brass body and steel shackle – durable and aesthetic.
Heavy duty padlock with a thermoplastic housing that protects the internal mechanism of the lock from any aggressive environmental influences. It can be used in any weather, the device withstands sudden changes in temperature, rain, frost, extreme heat. When exposed to high temperatures (for example, during a fire), it does not overheat and does not burn fingers. Additional protection against moisture and dust is provided by a special protective cap.

How to choose and buy MasterLock padlocks
Beautiful and reliable padlocks are inexpensive and very easy to use. But in order to buy a suitable set of padlocks in Kyiv, it is necessary to take into account many nuances - the type of equipment, the width of the holes in the locking devices, the features of the environment in which the work is being carried out. Therefore, before buying it is better to consult with our experts.

You can also use additional services that are included in the LOTO blocking system. For example, you can order laser engraving for locks - this is one of the most popular services from Master Lock. Also, the managers of our online store will tell you which components should be purchased complete with locking devices. For example, it is very convenient to use labels on which the name of the owner of the castle is written and his photograph is placed.