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Strapless belts (for holding)
Personal protective equipment during work must not be neglected. Especially when working at height, when it is necessary to use safety belts. This is obvious to all people who work on weight. Unfortunately, when it comes to working on a plane a few meters from the edge, workers sometimes ignore the rules, relying on their physical fitness and coordination. But even the highest qualification cannot protect against sudden gusts of wind, jolts or dizziness. Therefore, in order to prevent getting into the risk zone, it is imperative to use strapless belts.
Scope of application of safety strapless belts
Safety safety strapless belts can be used:

For holding. In this case, the main task of a harness without straps is not to protect the worker from falling, but to allow him to be in a place where he can fall. Strapless belay wraps around the body with a belt above the waist, and keeps it at a safe distance from the edge. With such insurance, an employee, with all his will, will not be able to be in the danger zone - even if he stumbles, falls or loses consciousness.
for positioning. In this case, the package includes a wide sash (at least 80 mm), which allows you to work comfortably in the backwater. Such sashes necessarily have small holes that do not allow the back to sweat.

But if it is supposed to work in places where a fall is possible, a strapless belt cannot be used, since its design does not provide protection for the spine during a sharp jerk. In this case, there is too much stress on the lumbar region, and the worker may be seriously injured.
How the strapless safety belt works
This type of insurance is a wide belt with a metal buckle, side steel fasteners to which a sling is attached, and a sash. It can also be made in the form of a climbing arbor - these are needed for sitting work. The sling is made from nylon tapes or ropes, as well as from steel cables or chains. Steel slings are required when interacting with high temperatures - for example, during gas welding work.

The protection buckle allows you to adjust the girth and tightly fix the insurance on the body. Reinforced fasteners are made so that they can be easily opened and closed with one hand, even in a warm mitten. The fittings are made of durable metal alloys with anti-corrosion coating. If traces of rust appear on the fasteners, they must not be used.
How to buy a strapless safety belt in Ukraine
Prices for strapless belts depend on the brand, type of belt and equipment, but in any case, you can’t save on them. Each belt must pass a special test before use - to withstand a static force of 400 kilograms-force. Managers of the PromSIZ online store will tell you in detail which safety harness is suitable for which work, how to choose and use it correctly.

Our online store sells only those products that meet DSTU standards and guarantee safety when working at height. The main thing is to choose the right type of insurance and remember that strapless belts should never be used where there is a risk of falling from a height.