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Hand protection
When performing production work of any severity, special gloves and mittens are required to protect hands. They are designed to protect the hands of personnel from injuries associated with punctures, cuts, electric shocks, from exposure to caustic aggressive liquids, from burns, frostbite, etc. And since the hands of employees of industrial enterprises are the most important working tool, their protection is not only a concern for the health of personnel, but also a guarantee of an uninterrupted work process.

PPE gloves are needed not only for employees of enterprises. For personal use - for example, for repair and construction work at home or in the garden, for painting, excavation, it is also necessary to buy professional hand protection products that can protect against dirt, from possible scratches, cuts, as well as paints and varnishes that can corrode the skin of the hands. Most hand PPE is versatile and can deal with different types of threats - for example, to protect against cold, and from dirt, and from cuts at the same time.

Hand protection products are made from natural and synthetic materials, which provide the main safety function, and at the same time sit comfortably on the hand and allow you to work for a long time without getting tired.
Types of protective gloves
The PromSIZ online store offers the widest range of hand protection products that are suitable for all possible types of work:

Heat resistant gloves protect against open flames, burns and minor injuries, splashes of molten metal, sparks, etc. Withstand temperatures up to 100 °C.
Glovesprotecting from cuts and punctureswith different levels of protection. Suitable for precise work, provide high tactile sensitivity.
Means for protection from low temperatures allow you to work in the cold, in cold rooms, in the open air, to carry cold objects without the risk of frostbite.
Gloves and mittens made of cotton, tarpaulin, knitwear, coated and uncoated, protecting against dirt and minor mechanical damage, intended for light work.
Gloves for protection from mechanical damage, which are needed for heavy work carrying heavy objects, etc. Efficient, high strength, good cut protection, and yet can have excellent tactile sensitivity - depending on what specific job they are intended for.
For use with perforators, hydraulics, jackhammers, electric drives, etc., you need to buy gloves or special mittens with vibration protection, which have a dense rubber coating.
Gloves made of latex, rubber, neoprene for protection against toxic substances, minerals, acids and alkalis, solvents, gasoline, paints, oil products. If you are sensitive to latex, you can choose gloves with a natural cotton lining. Household protective gloves belong to the same category.
Dielectric gloves made of rubber or latex, which protect the hands of workers from electric shocks.

How to buy PPE gloves in Ukraine
The main task of hand protection equipment - gloves and mittens - is to protect the hands of personnel from any dangers associated with the work performed. In the PromSIZ online store, you can buy hand PPE that meets all industry standards and has excellent protective qualities. Products are wear-resistant and inexpensive, so they will not become a burden on the wallet and will last a long time.

It is very important to choose the right type of gloves, as each industry has its own specific types of threats that workers in enterprises face. Our employees will tell you which gloves are best to buy for your company and help you choose the right size.