Guidelines for the right choice

Safety glasses guide for work

Any person understands that it is very easy to lose or impair vision, it is much more difficult to restore it. It is better to play it safe and protect your eyes during repair work than to suffer the consequences later. We will talk about this in our article.

The need for protective equipment for eyes

Each person's vision is different, but in any case, it must be preserved. This is not the most difficult task, on which you will spend a lot of time. It is enough to choose the right glasses to protect the eyes during work, then the task will go from an impossible status to a feasible one. Often we are lazy or ignore precautions, mistakenly believing that this will not happen to us, but this happens until a certain time, until an unpleasant incident occurs.

In addition to this reason, we sin on the inconvenience when working with glasses, neglecting the recommendations of specialists. Note that with the right choice of glasses, there will be no discomfort.

Of course, it is difficult for a beginner to understand the characteristics of certain glasses, especially with such a huge choice, but it is necessary to have basic knowledge about the types, purposes and possible options.

From what and how to protect the eyes

Consider in what cases you need to protect your eyes, when performing what work, which glasses should be used.

From chemicals or water

When applying paints and varnishes, primers with hand tools, we can accidentally get them into the eyes. To avoid trouble, you need to choose such means of protection as:

· protective glasses;

a half mask

a protective mask.

Protective gear has a snug fit, and anti-fog and chemical-resistant lenses make your job easier.

From small solid particles 

Glasses will be needed when working with a grinder or an iron brush, a perforator or a pressure washer. For work it is necessary to prepare:

Closed goggles

face shield;


All of them are characterized by the presence of impact-resistant glass and side protection.

From bright light

Such protection will be needed during welding, you cannot do without goggles for a welder and a mask.

The main characteristics can be noted:

resistance to high temperatures;

· resistance to scratches;

The presence of a light filter and a light filter "Chameleon".

The main purpose of protective glasses are the factors listed above. The easiest way to select glasses is to consult with a competent specialist who not only sells products, but also consults with customers.

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