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How to determine the quality of signal clothing without special equipment?


High-visibility signal clothing significantly reduces the risk of injury at work when performing operations near the movement of vehicles, especially in conditions of limited or insufficient visibility (highway, railway track, tunnel, workshop, construction site, warehouse, etc.).
The designation of the silhouette of a person at a distance allows the driver to react in time and slow down.

Retroreflective materials on the clothes of a working person return the light flux (for example, the headlights of a car) in the direction of the source, making the person visible in the beam of light at night.

A person must be visible at a distance of at least 200 m - this value is determined by the dangerous braking zone, which is the actual distance at which the car will stop, taking into account all factors affecting the speed of braking (road condition, number and type of brakes, subjective qualities of the driver, etc. d.).

How to determine the quality of signal clothing without special equipment?

1. Check for special markings on the product indicating the class of signal clothing and the class of retroreflective material.
2. The width of the strips of retroreflective material is at least 50 mm (the presence of a narrow tape is not allowed!)
3. To confirm the quality of finished clothing, manufacturers place hanging and sewn-in labels on the product about the materials used. 
4. Evaluate the appearance of the tape. The surface of the reflective material must be flat and uniform. The tape should not have cracks, scratches and at the same time be flexible and soft to the touch.
5. Check the base of the reflective tape. High-quality reflective tape has only a fabric base. Gently fold back the edge of the stitched tape and check its backing.
6. Tape manufacturers mark the fabric backing to confirm the quality standard of the material.
7. In signal clothing with high-quality retroreflective materials, the stitching is provided at a distance of 2-3 mm from the edge of the tape. This allows you to protect the product (tape) from damage to the edges during repeated washing or dry cleaning during operation.
8. Check during wear and washing. High-quality retroreflective materials must withstand at least 20 washing cycles while maintaining their characteristics within the requirements of GOST.

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