Rules for the care of overalls

Shoe care rules


Choose the right shoes

Footwear must be used strictly for its intended purpose and be selected taking into account the certification of workplaces, the actual presence of harmful and dangerous factors in the workplace.

    RULE #2

    Choose shoes according to size

    Shoes should be matched to the size of the foot. The shoe size indicated in the metric system corresponds to the actual length of the foot, expressed in millimeters.


Take your time putting on your shoes

When putting on shoes, carefully unlace them, unfasten the fasteners. You can only use shoes, the inner surface of which is in good condition and relatively dry


Choose a size larger for winter shoes

Insulated work shoes should be used with insulated socks. To do this, choose insulated shoes one size larger than the actual size of the foot. So you eliminate the squeezing of the insulation and the foot and save heat.


Be careful!

Avoid walking in icy areas. Exercise caution when climbing stairs, walking on uneven surfaces. It is not allowed to climb high-rise metal structures if these types of work are not the direct duties of the employee.



Know the measure!

Safety shoes should only be used during work. Do not wear work shoes continuously for more than 9 hours.



Clean your shoes

After use, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the shoes from dirt; for this purpose, you can use a damp cloth and special cleaners for leather shoes. Do not clean shoes with organic solvents.



Cream your shoes

To preserve the elasticity of the upper leather and prevent its cracking and drying out over time, leather shoes should be lubricated with a greasy shoe cream at least once a week.



Dry your shoes properly

Drying shoes should be carried out away from heating devices (at a distance of at least 30 cm from steam heating batteries), in a straightened form.


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